My Boy, Elijah, is Three!

Hope the album doesn’t make things too slow. 
Elijah is such a thrill to have around.  He’s always finding something to be funny and silly about.  He loves to smile and laugh and make funny voices.  He’s my snuggler, he’s always been snuggly and still requests my presence on the couch.  He is still very curious about everything….which means he impulsively touches things all the time…..often times he gets his finger stuck in things.  Above are some of my favorite pictures of him.  I often seem  to remember the funny things Malachi says more than Elijah, but I often capture Elijah’s incredible smile more on camera. 

Here’s today’s fun with the birthday boy.  We are going to a pastry shop for Elijah to pick out a sweet something for tonight.  We are having a birthday party for him on Saturday with some friends.  There will be more celebration to share this weekend.

(Check out the rash guards I ordered online……Jen brought them down.  I love shopping online. )
   The bright-eyed and big smile birthday boy.

Little break.

This kid was having a blast…I have a handful of picts wit this giant smile.

Sweet brotherly love.

Yummy birthday pastries.


8 thoughts on “My Boy, Elijah, is Three!”

  1. Happy birthday, Elijah.  I can’t believe that it has been two years since we were all together for your first birthday!!!  Those are great pictures.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Elijah!!  (just got back from vacation)  Hope you have a wonderfully fun party on Saturday–can’t wait to see pictures from it!!!

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