The Party

Elijah’s birthday party was lots of fun.  He seemed to really enjoy it and did really well with all the attention.  He wanted a Thomas the Tank Engine cake.


Three year old Elijah with the pinata.


Pinata fun…..


Singing and cake.

Happy boy singing along .


Present time.


Present from Mama and Papa. (Malachi diggin’.)


Beautiful Em.


The adults talking….yeah, actually talking!


Sidewalk chalk from Grammy and Grandaddy.


Elijah and Brody.  The other day Elijah said, “Brody is my best friend.”


This was a really fun party and not as high maintenance as the one for Chi.  There were older kids at this party because I only invited one 3 year old…Brody(and two of his siblings came) and then Em and another family with three kids (8, 6, and 4).  I also knew these parents a lot better and because there were older kids…..didn’t have to chase around so much to make sure they weren’t going to tear each others heads off.  Anyway, it was a fun day. 

In other news…..

We’ve had a first this weekend, Brian has put Zeke to bed three nights in a row.  This hadn’t happened before 1.) because I was nursing 2.)he would often put the other two to bed 3.)recently Zekey’s been very protective (jealous) for my attention.  So, that’s amazing that he wants Papa…tonight he even asked for Papa to put him to bed.  This also means Brian and I are considering an overnight trip sometime in July for our anniversary.  We haven’t set a date yet, but I’m excited to do something like this and know that Zeke could deal with someone else putting him to bed at night.  Rich and Jil have offered to take care of them…really just wonderful.  Brian and I never celebrated our anniversay last year…he was at BNYC and then he came back and had surgery and then we packed up our stuff and moved and moved and moved and moved.  So, I’m really looking forward to just sometime with him and also with some fresh air and beautiful scenery.  I do love the city, but have been feeling claustrophic from all the gates and locks and buildings.  The pollution has recently been bothering me more too….I just need a break from it. 

6 thoughts on “The Party”

  1. You always make such fun cakes!  What a very fun birthday party and I’m so glad that it was manageable and fun and not crazy and chaotic.    I’m really hoping that you and Brian get to go away for your anniversary!!

  2. the party looks like so much fun! The kids obviously loved it, and how great that the adults could actually enjoy as well! Can’t wait to hear how you liked Arenal…i mean…um, wherever you decide to go on vacation πŸ™‚ 

  3. The party looks so fun.  Cute, cute cake.  And Elijah looks so happy in all the pictures.  He must have been having a great time.  It made me miss you guys even more looking at the pics of the party in your yard and remembering Chi’s party.  Em in the hat is just beautiful.  That’s awesome about Zekey!  I so hope you guys get that anniversary trip.  It would be awesome. 

  4. It sounds like you and Brian are very due for some time alone, how wonderful that it looks like it will work out soon! The party looks very fun and you did a great job with that cake πŸ™‚

  5. I somehow missed this post till now–Elijah looked like he was having a great party!!  And, the cake looks great, good idea!  Yay for an anniversary trip, I really, really hope that happens for you guys!

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