I’m Going Crazy

I’m tired of whining kids right now.  I feel like they are getting more and more demanding and it is driving me crazy. 

Really, any kind of suggestions from my dear friends, I would greatly appreciate. 

And prayer. 


4 thoughts on “I’m Going Crazy”

  1. Im so sorry. I hit the same wall a few weeks ago and came up with the following procedure with Ian:If he whines:1) I remind him of what will happen first if he whines.If one more whiney sound come out of his mouth:1) The fun stops. (If he is watching TV it gets turned off, if he is playing with toys he has to stop and find something else to do, etc…)2) If he keeps whining he goes to his room.3) If a 3rd whine comes out of that little mouth he has his bottom spanked.He knows the steps and usually all I have to do now if he whines is say, “What is the first thing that happens if you whine?” and he says, “The fun stops.” Then he usually stops whining. On the occasions that he doesn’t stop, as he reaches each consequence I remind him of what the next one will be. Anyway, this works (most of the time) with my one 4 year old, I am not sure how it would work with a group of mixed ages.

  2. Just prayed for you and I totally understand too…those are great suggestions by 3wigs, I will have to try them myself =)  Hope tomorrow is a better day! 

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