Raise your wine glasses please…..

I wish I could fully express my frustration with our living arrangements…..but then I stop myself and remind myself to stop complaining.  Then something falls a part in our place once again and I cry.  So….here’s to a post of complaints.

Our bathroom sucks…..the pink sink is crooked, it is hanging on by one crazy leg.  That crazy leg is a painted, cut down shower rod.  If one of my kids hangs on it one more time, I think it will fall off the wall and cause some major damage….to my kid. 

Every day, at least a few times, while I’m washing my hands in the bathroom, my knobby elbow hits the door handle…sometimes it’s my funny bone. 

I hate the stink of septic creeping up one of the holes in the bathroom…I’m guessing it’s the toilet. 

The toilet is pink too….the lid to the tank always seems like it is going to fall right off.  This morning it did while Zekey was trying to climb the toilet (I miss baby gates.) and it fell.  It didn’t hurt him, but two chunks cracked off.  I just got out the crazy glue…hope it works.

I despise the cracked tiles and gross mildew in the bathroom and there’s a constant fleet of tiny ants.

Along with the tiny ants is an ant size bathroom….but amazingly all
three of my kids can fit in there with me….I would be squished
against the wall, or a kid would be in the shower, but we all fit.

Everytime I turn the water on to take a shower, the initial stream is a rusty orange color with a stench of iron.   

There is something I am thankful for in the our bathroom….hot water and no cockroaches.

I could go on about the many other lovely aspects of this falling apart place, but I have to stop myself from complaining anymore.  I need to go think of something happy and not dwell on this or it will ruin my whole day. 

(To make up for this whiny post, later, I’ll  post some pictures of the boys.)


3 thoughts on “Cheers”

  1. i totally understand how all those things add up. in russia it was the poo all over the toilets, and the footprints in it, that set me off one day. if i had to dodge poo one more time just to get all that tea out of my system…ok, so i guess it’s not really the same, but maybe it’ll at least make you smile 🙂

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