Some Firsts

Edit:  Another first this morning, on his own will….Zeke walked up to me and gave me a kiss.   It was oh so sweet.

My glasses are broken… my 26 years of wearing glasses….I don’t recall that I have ever broken a pair(mom, you can correct me if I wrong.) .  Well, actually I didn’t break them, Zeke did it.  I can still wear them with one arm.  We looked at some shops for my lenses to fit into some new frames…..lets just say I didn’t want some neon colored glasses.  That incident started a downward struggle the last few weeks.  I’ve just been really emotionally up and down…..lots of little things like my glasses breaking have set me off(crying) and I just get really down.  I feel like it’s a combination of lots of things….spiritual attack, new birth control pills and well….living cross-culturally.  Today  has been better and hopefully, prayerfully, I’m on an upswing….but it’s been a tough ride the last few weeks.  (Tough for Brian too… the way, today we celebrate 9 years of marriage!)

Another first would be I felt my first earthquake this last weekend!  It was crazy and exciting and exhilarating all at the same time.  That leads to the other first….all five of us successfully slept in a motel room this past weekend!  Brian has gotten certification to scuba dive and he had some dives this last weekend.  We went with him and stayed in a small little motel room…that’s where Elijah and I felt the earthquake.  Zeke and Chi were asleep and Brian had just gotten back from his night dive and was eating dinner.  Elijah almost started to freak out, but ended up being fine.  We were on the bed snuggling and I thought he started to shake it, I realized it wasn’t him and then I thought this must be an earthquake!!  It shook the bed a little harder and then we felt lots of aftershocks!  Strange and amazing. 

Tonight, after 20 years of wearing contacts I got my first contact stuck up in my eyelid….that was strange.  I couldn’t see, but I didn’t feel it pop out.  I called Brian to help me look for it on my clothes, but my eyelid felt weird.  I started feeling around my eyelid with it closed and realized I could feel the contact floating around….ugh!  It was coaxed out.

Some other firsts would be Malachi getting hives several times this month and waking up with swollen lips about 5 times now.  I’m trying to figure out what it is……we have the name of an allergist and we will be making an appointment with her.  It’s all a little scary.

The boys caught their first frogs two weeks ago….it was super, super cute.  There were five of them and they were so excited.  We let them go after two days of torturous play.

7 thoughts on “Some Firsts”

  1. I can relate…living cross culturally is a stressor that factors into each day. It “costs” you emotionally, mentally, etc. even if it’s a seemingly small task like shopping. Dr.’s appointments still stress me a bit.  But, it does ease up with time.  Sometimes, you just need to create a break for yourself. Prayed for God to fill you with new strength and encouragement just now! Happy Anniversary to you!

  2. Happy 9 yrs Brian & Tara!!  Are you guys still going to get away together?? That is a definite accomplishment to all sleep in the motel room & now you know you can do it again.   Good for Brian getting certified–that brings back memories of Cancun & Jon puking=)  I won’t stop praying for you–thanks for sharing your heart & struggles & for being real.   I also just prayed for a renewing from the Spirit.   Love you my friend!

  3. Yes Holly….that’s exactly it……finding a doctor for Malachi’s allergic reaction stuff, going shopping to find shoes for the boys(unsuccessful so far)…have been some of those overwhelming, “where do I look” kind of stressors and then knowing what to say in Spanish…..ugghhhhh.  Thanks for the confirmation that I am not crazy!

  4. I’m praying for you all the time, Tara.  I know how those little things can just be huge.  And I’ll be praying about finding an allergist for Chi…and that it turns out to be something minor.  You know the hives and swollen lips thing happened to Nate once when we first moved to AR?  In the end it just turned out to be a stress reaction and not an allergy.  That may not apply here, but for what it’s worth…  The frog videos cracked me up.  They are so boy and so excited about those frongs.  I loved Chi saying, “He’s saying, ‘Let me go,’ but really quietly.” 

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