What in the world are we up to……

Today we watched Emerson while Rich and Jil went to see Batman.  We decided to meet up at a McDonald’s by the mall and then do our monthly grocery shopping at PriceSmart.  So Brian and I were sitting with the four kids eating dinner and this was what we heard:

Elijah:  Mio, mio. (talking about the Happy Meal Box)
Malachi:  Es suyo. (pointing at Elijah’s)
Emerson:  (holding up her box) Mia, mia.

Brian and I looked at each other in amazement.  We didn’t even know Malachi knew suyo (it means yours). More and more spanish just flows out of their mouths…..it is amazing.

Another conversation tonight while putting the boys to bed….it’s so funny how this conversation just pops up every once in awhile.
Malachi:  When I am a man, I am going to marry Ellie.  She’ll be like a mom when I marry her.
Mama:  Elijah, who are you going to marry?
Elijah:  I’m going to marry Deb.
Mama:  You can’t marry her, she’s married to Nate.
Malachi:  You can marry Emerson.
Elijah: No
Mama:  That’s ok, you have lots of time to figure out who you are going to marry.
Malachi:  You have to marry a girl, because boys and girls get married. 

In other kids news:
Ezekiel:  He’s so curious and adventuresome.  He climbed up the ladder of a slide about as tall as I am this week.  He did it over and over and over again….it actually was great because all three were climbing and sliding.  Usually all three don’t get to enjoy the same thing at the same time while at the park….or I don’t get to enjoy all three doing the same thing at one time.  I usually have to follow Zekey wherever he goes and keep an eye on the other two from a distance.  Zekey is saying new words all the time….agua, cracker, cheche(leche), car…are the only ones coming to mind right now.  He now meows and barks, too.  He loves the book, “Go Dogs Go!”  He loves to turn the lights off and on, and the tv too.  He consistenlty has two to three bruises somewhere on his face/forehead.  The kid is in constand motion!

Elijah:  We’ve been letting his hair grow out, when he gets hot from playing or it rains and is a little more humid, it curls up around his ears….I’ll get a picture up soon of it…it’s so cute.  He just started pedaling Malachi’s big boy bike(with training wheels) this week.  He still loves playing with all balls….but especially loves kicking soccer balls.  He consistenly comes into my bed at night to snuggle…..it has become a habit…but I’m savoring it.  He’s so cuddly and really reminds me of a little cuddly, wrap his arms around you, monkey.  (He likes monkeys.)  Whenever we eat any meal…the kid can’t stay in his chair!! 

Malachi:  He got to ride his bike to the park this week for the first time.  He’s been riding around our yard and driveway for the past month…he can ride through the grass and up the little hills.  He loves going out there and riding bikes with Alejandro, the 8 year old who lives beneath us.  His hair is also as long as it has ever been and is just as unruly as ever.  His hair just can’t handle length….he has several crazy cow licks and it’s a texture that just doesn’t lay very well.  So we’re still debating what to do about it.  He loves to pretend and leads Elijah all the time in pretend play.  Sometimes he can be bossy when Elijah doesn’t do what Chi wants….that’s when there’s screaming and sometimes hitting, but other than that, they do play well together. 

In parent news:
Brian:  Last week was the last week for his Language Learning Route.  Every week he visited 9 people two times a week to talk about different topics and ask them questions.  One of the guys, Andres, is a strong believer.  He’s been a great encouragement to Brian.  We visited his church last week with him and met his wife and two girls.  It was such a blessing.  Another guy, Carlos, has become a good friend and on top of that he is seeking for truth.  He’s been meeting with Jehovah’s Witnessed recently…Brian asked him to read the Bible with him.  He said yes….so hopefully this week they’ll begin.  Brian will do this same program for our next trimister here….and will meet with some of these same people again. 

Me:  My biggest accomplishment this week has been making doctor’s appointments for the boy’s wellness check ups….all in Spanish and I understood what she said!!!! And I knew how to answer.  Carmen, my tutor, continues to be a great encouragement to me.  I’m sad I won’t have Gabriela, my teacher, next trimester.  She’s been so fun to get to know and I’ve enjoyed so many conversations with her.  We have 8 classes left until our next break!  I’m so ready for a break, but feeling so much more confident about speaking and understanding spanish.  I still have soooo much more to learn and so much more grammar to learn how to use….but it feels so much more possible now. 

In visitor news….in two weeks we will have visitors.  I’m so excited, plane tickets have been bought and Mom, Tony, my Dad and his girlfriend, Kathleen will be visiting.  We are going to stay in some condos by a beach.  I’m so excited for the boys, they are going to love all the attention and play time.  I’m so excited to see family. 


5 thoughts on “What in the world are we up to……”

  1. Hooray for visitors!  And vacations with other people who want to watch your kids!  That’s so exciting.  This was a pretty happy post.    Your boys are amazing.  That Spanish conversation blew me away.  I had to laugh that Chi was telling Elijah who he should marry…and Elijah wasn’t having any of it.  I’m guessing they may have other similar conversations in the future.  And I’m picturing Zekey and his constant motion.  What a boy.  Good job on those doctor’s appointments.  I’m so glad for you that you’re seeing your progress in the language.  We miss you guys.  I’m so happy that you are going to get this break soon.

  2. That is such exciting news that your family is coming to visit!!  I am so happy for you, that is so wonderful!  And, condos by the beach sound so relaxing and wonderful too.  It was so fun to read about your boys, that really is amazing how they are picking up Spanish.  And, I’m so glad for you that you are feeling better and more confident with language too.  That definitely sounds like an accomplishment scheduling the dr. appts!!   Brian’s class sounds like it’s been really good for him too.   It’s encouraging to me too, to read how Malachi and Elijah are playing so well together…our boys are starting to do that more and more and I’m so hopeful it just gets better, a definite plus of having them so close together (one that I need to remember often

  3. I love those conversations you shared! That’s great 🙂 It sounds like you are doing better and feeling encouraged. Glad also that you are having a trip and visitors coming up soon!

  4. Thank you for all of the wonderful info about the boys and you guys. I am so sad we can’t go to CR too. I finally watched the frog videos. Too cute!!

  5. Hooray for making the Dr. appointments! Those are the accomplishments to celebrate (and that give you more confidence for next time)!  Sometimes, I have found it helpful to write out what I want to say, and to have it in front of me whan I call. Enjoy your family!

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