Haircuts and such

Malachi’s long hair….you can’t see the unruliness….but it was terrible! 

Malachi after his buzz….yes that is a bump on his head. 

Elijah’s crazy cute long hair.  It does need a little trim….but it’s so cute. It goes with his crazy, silly personality.

Before his first buzz with the clippers. 

Here’s Zekey’s after.

I walked in one night to check on the boys and saw this.  I looked over at Elijah and he was still awake.  He wanted Malachi to have some company that night.

Here’s the scheming little guy. 

I love this….all three reading at the same time.  CUTE!

I need some advice from my mom friends of kid’s with allergies….
Malachi keeps breaking out in hives all over his back and chest.  He gets lip swelling frequently, but nothing has affected his breathing yet.  I started this week with pulling peanuts out of his diet….nothing has changed.  How many days should he go without a certain food?  I tried to make an appointment with an allergist, but there aren’t any openings until December.  I plan to ask our doctor here for another name of an allergist….but any other suggestions would be so helpful. 

5 thoughts on “Haircuts and such”

  1. I haven’t had to do this myself, but other friends have pulled different foods and they’ve been off of foods for 1-2 wks at a time and then slowly reintroducing them again if there’s no difference.  Has it been hard pulling Malachi off of peanuts since he loves PB & J?  Is there anything he’s been eating that’s totally different from what he’s had in the states??   I’ll be praying you’re able to figure it out soon!  Very cute pics of the boys’ haircuts, I love Elijah’s hair, it’s so fun!  

  2. I love the hair cut pics.  Elijah’s hair is wonderful.  That’s a really nasty bump.  Good luck on the allergies.  I love discovering my kids reading like that.

  3. cute pictures! I love Lijah’s hair! I can really see you in Zekey. Say, Kristin Garrett knows a lot about allergies you may want to ask her your questions. Her sister’s kids have allergies to wheat I think and Kristin had to be very careful with Samuel.

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