Vacation In Jaco

We had a nice, relaxing(as much as you can with kids) time in Jaco with my Mom, Tony, Dad and his girlfriend, Kathy.  We went to the beach, swam in the pool, watched the Olympics, went on two lunch dates without kids, went ziplining without kids, and all of us went on a tour of the mangroves.  The boys loved exploring the rocks at the beach and they even found a waterfall with my dad and Brian.  They collected lots of hermit crabs too.  Zekey and I hung out by the ocean side while the other’s explored.  He sat there for a long time just playing with the rocks and sand, letting the water wash up on him.  It was very relaxing just to sit and enjoy the surf and sounds.  And there was a lot of surf, this is a surfing beach….so we saw lots of surfers in the water.  We ate lots of yummy seafood too.  Here’s some pictures of our time with family….


5 thoughts on “Vacation In Jaco”

  1. I’m so glad you got to have a vacation and see family, so, so glad for you!!  Those are some great grandparent pictures, I’m sure they were just eating up the time!  And, hooray for lunch dates and ziplining without kids–that sounded like such a fun time too.  Hope the adjustment back to normal routine is going ok : )

  2. Great pictures and videos.  The place looks really cool.  The dark sand was crazy.  And how awesome that the boys got to see a monkey up close like that.  My overwhelming impression in the pictures was of how grown up Zeke looks.  It’s wild.  Something about his little boy hair cut, I think. 

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