We’re about to leave to take Chi to get tested or checked out for allergies.  I don’t know if this doctor speaks English…..please pray that we’ll communicate everything clearly. 

EDIT:  It went really well.  We were switched to a different doctor when we got there—which was no big deal to us because we had never seen the other one before.  This doctor spoke English….which in this case was a huge blessing.  He had blood drawn for testing and also a throat culture.  He has had two cases of strep throat since we’ve been here, if the bacteria is still in his body it can manifest itself  through hives.  Malachi did amazing, he didn’t cry  or flinch when he was stuck with the needle to take blood.  So, hopefully we are on our way to figuring this thing out.  Thank you so much for praying for him. 

7 thoughts on “Malachi”

  1. Praise the Lord!  I was praying that the doctor trip itself would go well.  I’m so thankful you got one who spoke English.  So is it possible that it isn’t allergies at all, but just a part of the strep?  I’ll keep praying for the results. 

  2. HI Sweetie, Glad to hear it went so good today at the doctor. We will continue to pray for the results. I’m sure he would be VERY HAPPY if it wasn’t peanuts so he could still have his peanut butter and jelly.

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