I’ve cleaned up so many messes today.  I won’t recount them all….just the three in the last hour.  Zekey pooped in the bathtub……the rubbermaid 25 gallon container is his bathtub.  I then had to clean the shower as well.  He then broke a bottle of olive oil all over the kitchen floor.  While he was already asleep, the other two were playing in the bathroom sink, cleaning their cars.  Lots of water….lots and lots of water all over the floor!  I’ll have to say the first mess was not enjoyable to clean up.  I love my boys so much….maybe not the messes though!!


2 thoughts on “messes”

  1. It sure does sound like you’ve had your share of messes to clean up!  Sometimes it seems like they all happen at once, aaaaaahhhh…I need to work on my patience with cleaning them up and reacting to them!! 

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