Finally Some Pictures!

  Last weekend we took a trip to the zoo with Julicia….well, I’m not
sure how to spell her name.  She is one of Brian’s friends from his
language learning route.  She works at the National Theatre and is an
art student.  She’s also studied tourism, so she knows a lot about the
city and took us to some great parks and shared pieces of history about
buildings too.  She’s really sweet and is great with kids, so she loved
being with our boys.  The zoo was small, but fun to see something new
and practice spanish too.  Here’s some pictures…….

This is one of the great parks she showed us…it had a little bamboo forest… it!

This is the sign for a building I didn’t post a picture of.  

Last Monday we went with the E’s to a fun McDonald’s….it had a McCafe too.  This is Zeke’s new outfit from Grammy….He looks like a little wrestler in it, can’t tell when he’s sitting down.  

Grammy made these super hero capes for the boys and their friends to play with.  This friend is Olivia…she’s our new neighbor downstairs, along with her family Jeff, Tracey and Sawyer.  We first met them at MTI in November in Colorado.   The boys love having playmates downstairs….it’s fun for Brian and I too.  

These are the boys new quilts from Grammy!!!  She first made them as curtains for Malachi’s room in our Philly house.  I wish I had a picture of them in their original state.  She turned them into quilts.  The valance is now Zekey and Elijah’s pillowcases.  Malachi’s was originally a pillow that my mom made for Malachi’s room.  This print was inspired from the quilt Brian and I had picked out for Baby Malachi….Zekey is using that quilt now, but Grammy knows she has another project ahead of her for Zekey.  =)  They are so beautiful and I love them so much! She also made those other little pillows on the boys bed…..Elijah picked the monkey pillow, Malachi the Cars pillow and Zekey has Thomas.  Cute, cute, cute!

We started our classes.  My new teacher is Laura…she’s great.  She knows Grammar really well.  She’s really easy to talk to.  I’m so very thankful!  There are some not so easy teachers to talk too….and who don’t correct you at school or who make you feel bad when they correct you.  SO that is why I’m so glad I have her!

Yesterday Brian and I had a date.  We saw the movie PS I love You.  I cried and cried and cried.  Brian and I ate yummy crepes and coffee afterwards and had some great conversation.  One of my fears is losing him to death……do any of you have that fear? He asked me if that was a normal for a person in my position……young kids….etc.    I try to plan what I’d to support me and my boys and where’d we live…….anyway.  Just wondering if I’m alone on this.  Just realized this last week how I often live my life out of fear, I DON”T WANT TO LIVE THAT WAY.  But this is one of the top on my list.  It’s opened my eyes to how I need to trust God more.  I don’t mean that in a trite way either……really all out trusting him so I don’t live my life in fear of the unknown.  


6 thoughts on “Finally Some Pictures!”

  1. That’s so great that your mom made those curtains into quilts–how awesome!  I remember them well, what a good idea, I love how sentimental things like that can be made into something else and be so practical too.  So glad you and Brian got some time alone together.  That is really wierd that you mentioned that about Brian dying, because that’s something that I seriously have thought about/struggled with too.  Sometimes I’ll think about it and it feels so real to me, that I will cry…almost like it sometimes feels like God is preparing me for something that could be coming…I don’t know if that makes sense.    It’s brought me back to lots of verses/promises from God that I’ve needed to use against the enemy…I sure don’t want to live in fear either!

  2. It’s so cool that Julicia showed you all those cool places. Your mom is really creative- those quilts look great.  And it’s so awesome that she made capes.  I’m surprised Em hasn’t tried them out yet.  I think we’re gonna have to see that movie next weekend.  Thanks for hanging out today.  The park was fun.

  3. Thanks for the pictures!  The picture of your whole family is so wonderful.  Those quilts your mom made are great.  How wonderful to have someone who sews!  And capes really are a childhood necessity. 

  4. Thanks for the post. Glad you had a date. I haven’t seen that movie yet because I’m afraid of crying through it  I am fearful a lot of the time, too. I hear myself talking as I read your post; you are not alone in your worries. I think about it a lot with Lee’s frequent travel (not that it’s more likely to happen in another country!) We just went through a book in my women’s small group called “Calm My Anxious Heart” and it was eye-opening, humbling and encouraging. One thing that stuck out to me was that the wording of Phil. 4:6 is a command…in the New Living Translation, “Do not worry. Instead, pray about everything.” I love that phrasing. How simple can you get? It’s my new “mantra”. Anyway, sorry for the long comment and hope my comments aren’t trite. Just something I deal with a lot! I could write my own book (and almost have here)

  5. I often have those thoughts of Joel dying….and we don’t have kids yet!! Its just so scary to think of losing my best friend! We watched PS I love you a few months ago…and a couple days later I was hugging him good night and had the clearest thought  that it was my last time hugging him–it was awful!! The next day he had me drive and I drove so carefully cuz I was so scared of getting in an accident and him dying! It was the strangest thing!! Obviously we didn’t crash…which is a miracle anytime you’re on a Chicago highway, but I realized that those thoughts are obviously not coming from God…I always wondered if God was preparing me for something….but thanks for sharing…its comforting to know others are battling this too!  

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