Baby Beluga

This is the week in review with pictures.

This is the local library….it has a room filled with toys.  The boys had a blast and we ran into a friend too.  It was great to catch up and play. 

I love this picture.

Elijah and Lillian

We celebrated Virgina’s birthday this week with a cake and ice cream and singing.  She’s also working for the Dixon’s too, so it was fun to celebrate with her altogether. 

Baby Beluga….he has a huge bump on his forehead and for about two days he looked like that little whale. 

This is the boy’s playing “moving to Costa Rica,” all the toys are on the bed.

This is how Brian watched the Ohio State game the other night….the kid’s watched Veggie Tales on the computer in our bedroom.  The guys watched the game and the ladies chatted while watching over the kids.  It was a fun night to hang out…the E’s and the Dixon’s were without water, somehow we always manage to still have water.  We have a cistern filled with water below our apartment building, but I can’t figure out why the Dixon’s didn’t have water when they in the same building.  I prepared my Nana’s delicious lasagna and we enjoyed a dinner together!

Soda Castro’s…..this is a ice cream shop we went to today with the E’s.  The boys shared a strawberry milkshake. 

This was Brian’s treat…..look closely…..cocoa crispies, cut-up fresh fruit, ice cream, cool whip, and…..jello…..he doesn’t think he’ll get it again.  Hmmm, I wonder why?

The kid’s pretending to be waiters and customers. 

Coming to a GBIM prayer guide near you…… baby beluga obvious?


7 thoughts on “Baby Beluga”

  1. Saturday was a really fun night.  Thanks for feeding all of us.  I don’t think I want to go back to Soda Castro.  That dessert looked so gross.  He was totally choking it down- it was pretty funny.  I love your family pictures.  I don’t think Zeke’s bump is obvious.  

  2. That toyroom at the library looks awesome–that is a really great picture of Zeke, so cute.  I’m glad his bump is healing and I don’t think it looks obvious.  Your family pic looks great, can’t wait to get a new one for our fridge : )  That dessert looks & sounded nasty, what a wierd combination of stuff.   Looked like a fun time with everyone at your place, I’m so glad you guys all have each other, such special community!

  3. That is a great family picture.  And I think the bump on Zekey’s head is so totally appropriate.  This looks like a lot of fun things, with fun people.  That’s awesome that you have a local library.  It looks like a cool place for kids.  Your boys are so much fun.  We miss you guys.  Do I say that in every comment?  Well, we really do. 

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