Nothing Cohesive

Today I wore my glasses.  I superglued the other arm on.  I wonder how long it will last and now I just have to remember not to bend the arm when I take them off. 

We bought our tickets for the states…we return December 8th.  Now if only we knew where we were going to stay…….I have to force myself to pray and not worry about it all.

Elijah is now able to pump his legs on the swing….I love that I only have one little guy to push now.  Independence is a really good thing.

Zeke has given up his morning nap, it’s been a few weeks now.  It is almost impossible to do special projects with the other two when little curious Zekey is awake.  I really don’t know how moms do home-schooling with younger kids around.  I don’t really have toys he’s much interested in… friends who have recently had little boys around the 18 month age….what did they like to do?  Zekey just loves to destroy things or touch and play with everything he’s not supposed to play with.  I say no a zillion times a day to the kid.  Oh and then the other two don’t want him to play with them, because he messes everything up.  I pray they will someday be really good friends.  Or maybe it’s just my selfishness wanting him to be more independent than he is ready for.  He is starting to find things to play with before I introduce them to him…..but quickly after he’s begun…. he’s moved onto something else to destroy or something he’s not supposed to touch!  This is such a difficult stage with two older guys around.   It really is a good thing he is so cute……..=)


6 thoughts on “Nothing Cohesive”

  1. I totally hear ya!  It’s definitely better with Elisha getting a little older, but man, I don’t know how mom’s homeschool with younger ones either…sometimes, I will put a special movie on & a snack for Elisha if there is something I want to do with the older ones…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.   That’s so great that Elijah can swing himself…can’t wait for Ethan to learn that too : )

  2. Hooray for return tickets!!!!!!!  Can you believe you guys are almost done?!?  Wonderfulness.  Let’s see… at 18 months (according to my xanga), Miles was really into books.  But this was because he didn’t really have anyone else to play with, so I’m not sure what I could say about Zeke.  Big brothers seem more fun than books.  Hmmm…

  3. Seriously, Can you believe you have tickets to come home already?  You’re almost there!  I’m thinking Scotty’s biggest interest at 18 months was still putting little things into big things.  Like his little animals that lived in his little zoo or these small wooden doll things that lived in this little wooden house.  I even let him have a big box of crayons and he would take the crayons in and out.  Of course, he never showed much interest in eating them, which may not hold true for all 18 month olds.  I’ll pray about the Zekey chaos.  He’s such a great little guy. 

  4. Campbell also had one interest at 18 mos. – destroy things that his older sibling made.  Maybe balls, too, but those can also be used to destroy things.  It’s just really hard.  I’ll be praying.

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