Go, Go Gadget Arms

Life was full of cranky kids today.  Malachi and Elijah were awake at 5:30 this morning.  Last week they started waking up at 6am…..they had been sleeping into almost 7am.  So they were cranky today.  We went to the park and……Zekey kept pushing another little boy, Elijah wasn’t sharing and was wailing a lot….and Malachi wasn’t sharing.  I’m sure the ladies at the park will be talking about how terrible and “bad” my kids are.  I hate that word…by the way.  Other moms have talked to me about the bad kids.  Hope my kids won’t be labeled.

I’m sure most of you know I have very long arms….in fact their length is disproportionate to my height.  Well Zekey has inherited my go, go gadget arms……(although you can’t tell by looking at him) but he always reaches up on our counter in the kitchen and grabs for things….he’ll get cups, veggies, fruit…even knives.  Our only counter space is about…..18inches by 3 feet.   Just right now, the arm on my glasses fell off(I got two full days of wear with the superglue).  He also used his go, go gadget arms several months ago to grab those from the back of the toilet.  Another way he’s used his arms is by throwing things in the trashcan that don’t actually belong there.  When we were on vacation his cup suddenly disappeared, after lots of searching, I found it in the trashcan.  I think we’ve lost 4 sippy cups to the trashcan…..they’ve never been found in our house and well…the kid must have thrown them in it.  Right now we are missing several books and cartridges to the leap pad from leap frog…..I’m wondering if those ended up in the trash too. 

Something else I’ve been wondering, if things like crayons, markers, colored pencils, playdough, and paints…..really are non-toxic.  If not Zekey will have cancer someday……..

I wish I could write something about the other boys…..but all my thoughts are consumed by my crazy little Zekey boy. 


2 thoughts on “Go, Go Gadget Arms”

  1. Sorry about the cranky kids.  Sometimes when that happens to me I at least think that I helped make the other moms feel good because their kids weren’t the worst that day.  But that would be believing that someone’s kids have to be the worst.  maybe that isn’t correct psychology.  I feel like I’m the only mom whose kids run in the library.  On a different note:  I remember watching Inspector Gadget at my grandparents house.  good show…or at least little Sarah thought so.  

  2. I miss you and your go, go gadget arms : )   Maybe I should go check the trash can for some “missing” things too…our kids were running around the pizza place we ate at tonight, it was mostly all old people and a few other young families whose kids were quietly waiting for their food, I can only imagine what they were thinking about our kids : )

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