This would be the senator from the great state of Maryland….Brian was one of those emailers against the bill…….and yet……….
 “Senator Mikulski actual said, on the floor of the Senate “I’m deeply
troubled by where we find ourselves when the House Republicans are
defying their own President.” They don’t work for him, they work for
us! She seems to have forgotten that she works for the people of
Maryland. Here is what she had to say about us – “…in the last 72 hours
I’ve gotten close to 8,000 emails and only 30 were for this bill. I’ve
gotten over 1,300 phone calls and almost all were against the bailout.
“We listen to them loud and clear…” Yet she is still going to vote
for is steaming pile.”  This quote is from http://www.dailypaul.com……from someone who emailed in.    So why do we elect these people?

I think it would be worth it to have some hard times so that we(the taxpayers) don’t have to pay for this mess…..our government got us into and greedy wall street people got us into! 

I think I may just vote for Ron Paul—I know he’s not voting for this bill. 


One thought on “WHAT?”

  1. Interesting stuff! As scary as it would be for the global economy if we collapsed because of the greed you mention, I’m starting to wonder if we do need another depression for a little reminder of what out of control consumerism has done to us. Maybe becoming more resourceful/conservative will have a lasting impact on our lives, our families, the environment…?As far as Mikulski she’s someone that’s needed to be replaced for quite some time.

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