Just 8 More Weeks…..

A week ago Rich said he was ready to to home, I hadn’t been feeling any
rush and told him I’m not ready yet.  I was still feeling like I have
so much more Spanish to learn and I was just feeling content with life
right now.  Then that night Brian got out our 16 bins to remove the
tape from them. The boys were a great big help.  I started to get the
itch, I just wanted to fill them up and get on our way.  I just look
around our place and see things to throw away, sell and pack and I want
to organize!!!  I still don’t feel ready to leave the Spanish learning
behind, but there’s a part of me that’s ready for the next phase. 

We’ve had a busy few weeks.  Here’s some pictures of the boys…..

Chi and Lijah making tortillas with Virginia. 

He loves “playing” with this.  I can’t wait to get back to the states to pull out some of the little push button toys.  I wish I would have brought them to CR!
Also…for his entire 17 month, he has looked like a baby beluga.  He hit the same spot on his forehead about four times now.  He hit it again this last Monday after it was almost entirely healed.  Hopefully, he’ll get some of his 18 month without looking like the baby beluga! Oh yeah, Zeke said Hi and Bye for the first time on Wednesday….he still mostly said Hola and Chao.  He also says Virginia’s name now….”Ginia”.  It is sooooo adorable. 

Crazy, silly Zekey! 

Elijah had a fever a last week and fell asleep on the couch at 6pm.

Hey Kelly Jo…this is for you.  Brian thinks it was a little excessive and he says he won’t put so much on for our flight back to the states. 

Box house.

A mohawk……

He loves to touch his head…this is the shortest he’s ever had it and well, the shortest it could ever go.

He’s so adorable with this hair cut.

Elijah’s new do…..this is the shortest he’s ever had it.  It’s really adorable.

Short…short hair.



6 thoughts on “Just 8 More Weeks…..”

  1. How cute are they with that short, short hair!!!  Thanks for the pictures.  We hope to see you guys in a few months.  Wait, does that mean there are just about 10 wks until Christmas!??!  Wow.

  2. The boys look adorable!!  Malachi really looks like Brian to me with his haircut…Clippers are a great thing, aren’t they?  What a fun house, that’s a great idea!  It’s so exciting that you guys are soon onto the next phase…praying for you and thinking of you lots and lots!  We’d love to see you if it works out when you are back too!!  : )

  3. 8 weeks! 8 WEEKS!!! Oh my goodness I cannot wait to see you guys and hug hug hug those beautiful boys. Praying for you while you start the transition home before the big move Argentina.

  4. So soon you head to the States for how long?  What’s the next step? So glad to hear that you are content–what a blessing! That is my prayer, too (especially since we just returned from seeing family).

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