Bedtime Conversations

 In about 10 minutes we talked about……
1. Baby’s born from mommies bellies and babies hatched from eggs
2. Marriage
3.  Death
4. Heaven and Hell

Malachi asked most of the questions and Elijah was licking me and wiping me off with his blanket.  It was such a funny 10 minutes.  We had just read a book about reptiles, that’s how the baby conversation got started.  Then Malachi stated for the second time today that he is going to marry Claire.  She is a little girl who was in his class when he was in school….her family will be moving to Buenos Aires, AR—so it could be possible. =)  He also stated that he and Claire will have a baby and he’ll do all that when he’s older like us. Elijah for the second time today said he wants to marry Emerson and that they will get married in a castle.  (Maybe he has an unconscious connection to the castle because Brian calls Em, “Princess.”) The conversation then jumped to Malachi saying, he loves Aunt Berta. and why did she die?  We had a great conversation about how she was sick and died.  I then told him she is with Jesus.  This morning we had read about Jesus dying on the cross  and rising… it was a great opportunity to talk about this some more.  He said, what’s that other place called some people go to?  It was an adventurous few minutes. 


7 thoughts on “Bedtime Conversations”

  1. It’s amazing all the topics you can cover over a few minutes!  Very cool, sounds like Malachi’s little mind is really thinking…Elisha likes to lick me too and pretend he’s a puppy : ) 

  2. whew! That’s a whirlwind of stuff in a short time 🙂 You are such a great Mom to be able to talk about these things, I don’t even know I would know where to begin and when to end.

  3. That sure is a lot to digest in a few minutes. I love that you had the conversation while Elijah was licking you and wiping you with a blanket. That is too cute!

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