Baby Beluga Lives On

Zekey is 19 months today(so yesterday…it’s taken me a day to write this)…..his entire 17th and 18th month passed with a big bump in the same spot on his head.  It was almost entirely gone and he fell again last week.  So, maybe we can hope that by the end of the 19 month it will disappear.  =)  Zekey is quite a character, he’s gotten louder and louder while he plays, like his brothers.  He’ll sit and pretend with cars or blocks or whatever for a short period of time.  He has the objects talk back and forth to each other, it’s so fun to watch him play by himself.  I’m still really looking forward to the toys we left in MD for him to play with. 

We are down to 33 days.  We are getting our fill of Cas, Mango and Guanabana juice and Guyaba jelly, fresh pineapples, platanos maduros, pastries with guyaba jelly, avocados, fresh guacamole, fresh salsa, corn tortillas(I’ve looked on line to see how to make these myself for when we move), arroz con leche(I’ve learned how to make it now).  I don’t think we’ll ever be able to enjoy so many tropical fruits again in our lifetime. 

Today we got invited to a birthday party for a little girl from here…but the party will be a few days after we leave.  I was really hoping it would be before we left.  I’ve met many mom friends at the park…Daniela and her daughter Danika have been so sweet to us.  Daniela is originally from Nicaragua and she lived in the states for a time–she can speak English, but I’ve never spoken to her in English and she’s been so great to practice Spanish with, she’s so patient!.  I have some tica mom and grandma friends too.  This is quite the international gathering…I have a friend from Venezuela and also England.  There’s an orphanage that also frequents the park and those kids have become very dear to my heart, as well as their main caretaker, Marianela.  Many internationals have come through to volunteer with this home, so I’ve met some people from Belgium, Germany, England and Norway.    My boys have several friends that they wait for whenever we go to Parque Los Sauces.  Oh, and they have a dog friend too…Mambo is his name.  His owner is originally from some Caribbean Island. We’ll miss this little park.  

Zekey has taken to another stuffed animal…..a dinosaur, he named him Luna.  He takes his green blanket, Bubba the alligater, Luna the dinosaur and Thomas the train pillow to bed.  But he calls Thomas, Jesus.  Hope that changes sometime soon. =)


3 thoughts on “Baby Beluga Lives On”

  1. Wow, so many cool experiences you’ve had & that is quite a list of friends you’ve made…so many different nationalities, that is so awesome!  I can’t believe it’s almost been a year for you guys!  Praying these next 33 days are special & meaningful…hope we can see you all when your back in the states!  

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