Nothing But Blue Skies

Ah….big sigh.  Today was so beautiful.  It reminded me of the first day of spring in the states.  It was so, so beautiful and the pick-me-up I needed.  I don’t think I realized how depressing the rain can be.  We played at the park all morning…I met two new ladies, one is from Argentina and the other is from here but is married to a guy from the states.  She practiced her English and I practiced my Spanish.  I just smiled as I played with the boys and felt the breeze and saw the blue, blue sky and the beautiful mountains.  This was a day with absolutely not one drop of rain….it was awesome.  After nap we played outside in the kiddie pool with Olivia and Sawyer.  They had a blast and I got to chat with Tracey.  It was just an altogether marvelous day.  Complete with some personal time tonight…Chi and Elijah are with Brian at Basketball and Zeke is in bed.  I have time to blog and listen to music! 

A few days this week, I’ve had to physically restrain myself from packing…’s so terrible.  I”m laughing at myself right now.  I love organizing….and packing….the time is coming.  If we have more beautiful weather like today, I think the last few weeks here will go more quickly because we’ll be able to be outside more.  But if there’s still lots more rain and today was just one of those strange weather days…..AHHH…it will be difficult to pass the time.  I think I should explain the weather some, so my friends who are in cold weather won’t feel too bad! =)  Rainy season is from about May to December….September and October being the heavier rainy months.  The first four months here(Jan-April)….it maybe rained 15 minutes everyday or even nothing at all.  I remember Hazel, our downstairs neighbor watering the lawn, so we’ve had rain EVERYDAY since May.  This was a very rare day!  So my cold friends, don’t think we are living in paradise.  While you were kickin’ it up all summer long and well up to last week, we were spending every afternoon and sometimes mornings stuck inside…in a little apartment for that matter!!!!  So…I’m ending my day feeling refreshed…instead of frustrated from craziness of being stuck inside. 

Some pictures……..

Rich reading to the kids…..

Brian’s birthday….the cake is HUGE!

Silly Boys….

What superhero doesn’t show off some underwear?   (They are wearing Grammy’s capes….and “hats”.)

Puzzle sidewalk…..all these pieces were mixed up into one big pile and Chi and Lijah put the puzzles back together.

I love these guys.

5 thoughts on “Nothing But Blue Skies”

  1. Your boys are so handsome.  Sorry about the rain and being inside day after day.  Did you make Brian’s cake?  It was huge.  I understand the urge to organize.   

  2. What wonderful pictures of boys.  They’re just perfect Brother Buddies pictures.  I’m so happy for you that the weather was nice.  It makes SUCH a huge difference.  I hope it keeps up.  🙂

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