Me:  What instrument do you want to play when you grow up?
Lijah: The guitar.
Me:  Can I sing with you when you play the guitar?
Lijah:  No.
Chi:  When we grow up and get married, you will die and you won’t sing with us…you know that?
Me:  I won’t get to see you grow up?  Will I die before you get married?
Chi:  Yeah……no…..we’ll see. 

Friday Brian’s teacher let us use his car to drive to a huge park called La Sabana. This was the first time Brian’s driven in CR….he loved it.  I was nervous, I knew he could handle it, he’s a very good driver…..he’d drive the big blue Barnabus through the narrow Philly streets and parallel park it—he’s amazing.  I wasn’t nervous about him….but everyone else…and not having a CR license and not having car seats….etc.  Before leaving I noticed a license plate in the back window, flipped over, so I checked the back for a license plate and it was there.   The bumper on the front of the car was off, so hence the loose license plate by the back window.  I sat in the back with the boys and  Brian drove.  We got there without any problems except for trying to find a parking spot…we found one in an unofficial spot.  I was nervous the whole time about it getting stolen.  I just didin’t know the area, didn’t know if stealing cars was common in that area…and well just felt like it was an open target when you just feel so ignorant about the area.  We had a good time, ate a picnic lunch, threw a frisbee, walked around, listened to some African music and watched some dancers.  It was a beautiful day!  We walked back to the car….it was still there. =)  I then realized that Brian had been a little nervous too about that.  We went to pull out and the emergency brake got stuck….I was thinking what do we do…we don’t even have a cell phone to call Marcos and ask him the trick!  After a minute or two…Brian figured out the trick and we were on our way.  I saw some cops on the other side of the rode standing outside of their car pulling people over, I thought—glad we aren’t on that side….to which Brian then turned around and we were pointed out by the cops to pull over!  CRAP!  I ask, “Brian do you have your US license on you.”  The answer was no.  So, the guy walks up to the passenger side and asks Brian for his license—He says he doesn’t have it.  All of which I didn’t understand—–and then Brian says the car is a friends.  The cop got that we weren’t too swift with our Spanish and asked about the license plate that was supposed to be displayed in the front window since there wasn’t a bumper…..I pulled it from the back window and said “this”?  Much to Brian’s surprise and with many thanks to me…that’s what we needed.  The cop placed it in the front window and sent us on our way.  OH MY!  That could have been a disaster!  No license and no carseats.  Carseats are a law, but aren’t enforced from what I’ve heard and experienced.  Plus everyone uses taxis….and well no one uses carseats in taxis.  BIG SIGH!  It was a grand little adventure and I’m glad it all ended well. 


6 thoughts on “Adventures”

  1. That is a serious adventure.  How funny that the only licence they cared about was the license plate.  You just never know about these things.  But I’m glad you had fun and everything turned out well. 

  2. Wow, what an adventure!!  I can only imagine your heart racing as he pulled you over.  They are serious about their license plates…so glad that’s all it was!!  Brian is an incredible driver–I still remember cringing many a time when we’d pull onto narrow streets, he’d make it look so easy : )

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