I have so much more to say…..

but can’t spend time doing it right now.  Our family has been sick for a few days…it’s been and of and on fever and cough and sore throat thing.  I have a terrible headache, so this will be short.

I’m mainly writing this to ask for you all to pray for some very specific things……..
1.  Tomorrow is our big conversation exam, testing us on our level.  I haven’t studied at all…mainly because of the sickness and other things I’ll get into in a second.. Friday is our big 3 hour grammar exam, again, I haven’t studied.  I hope to some tomorrow.
2.  Nate and Deb found a great house.  It has so much character and an amazingly big yard, it has 2 bedrooms and right now we are really feeling like it would be beneficial to our family’s sanity if we have 3 bedrooms.  So, pray for God’s leading to a 3 bedroom house for us….or a way to make this 2 bedroom place work. 
3.Malachi will be starting K-grade when we move.  That isn’t exactly how I imagined it….but school starts in March there.  The cut off for K-grade is June 20th…..to be five years old.  Chi will be five in April, so he will be going to Kindergarten!  We’ve since decided not to send Elijah to preschool for the sake of saving money and for the sake of a good friendship/relationship between Elijah and Zekey because right now Chi and Lijah mainly play together all the time.  I’ll just work extra at home with him on Spanish etc.  So that means Elijah will also start K-Grade as a 4 year old….and with Ellie.  It’s all been an adjustment in my expectations….but that’s how it will be.  I’m sure Malachi will pick up the Spanish….but he won’t be with Ellie….and I was hoping that would be somewhat of an encouragement to him.  He’s told me he doesn’t want to go to an all Spanish speaking school…..so please pray for this little guy.  Ellie and Malachi will both be attending the same place, but in different classes and different grades. 
4.I’ve just meticulously filled out this years stock pile of health insurance claim forms…..what a project!  I’ll be sending them through snail mail…..pray they get to the states quickly! 
5. We kept our tags and liability insurance on our van in the states.  It’s been parked at my Mom’s this year.  We have an issue with tags expiring….and need to somehow get them miraculously renewed by Nov. 30th.  My mom is calling the DMV tomorrow….it’s a whole long complicated story.  Pray for her to somehow be able to renew them…..it would be a huge hassle to have to get new tags when we fly in to MD on the 8th. 
6. I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed the last few days.  I hate feeling this way…..I had this feeling from November of last year till about May of this year. The chaos of three kids and all these details almost drives me insane and then I am really cranky and crabby and tight-chested and just not a great mom and wife.  I really need you all to pray for us and pray for me to stay grounded in God’s truth and trusting His perfect provision. 

Thank you so much my dear friends. Ok, so this wasn’t nearly as short as I intended. =)  I’m off to bed.


5 thoughts on “I have so much more to say…..”

  1. Lots to pray about and we’ll definitely be lifting you all up…praying for the “peace that passes all understanding”, let us know how the exams go…love you Tara!!

  2. I hope you got some rejuvenating, restful sleep last night.  And I’ll be praying everything you’ve learned over this past year will come out clearly and easily during your test today.  Way to go on getting all those health insurance forms done.  It sounded like a huge task!  You’re doing great, Tara.  Just a little bit longer.

  3. Tara,Yours made me cry, too.  I think you’re an incredible mom and wife.  It is so much sometimes, when they are so close.  You do a great job with all of it.  I’m praying for you. love,Pomma

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