Our Last Few Weeks

Elijah, Chi, Em and Olivia playing in the backyard.

Malachi is going to miss playing family with Olivia.

Sweet Em.


Oh no!  A monster is coming!


The Papa Monster

Zekey was soooo sad about Papa being the monster!

Sad boy.

Much better after some snuggles with Papa.

Our Thanksgiving Feast!

The clan…..with our thankful leaves strung on the wall.

Party with some friends from school….the Janzen’s and Dixon’s….and all our kids!

So we are down to four days.  Tomorrow we are selling more things at a garage sale the school has every trimester.  I’m hoping everything sells!  I think almost all the big stuff has sold…..well almost all.  I’ve been really sick.  Today I had a doctor’s appointment(there’s a doctor who has a few hours every week at the school), within 20 minutes…I had seen the doctor (with all three little guys) and walked a block to get the antibiotics!  20 minutes!  Hooray for no long lines!  So, because I’ve been feeling under the weather I haven’t done any packing the last 2 days….but gathering and marking all the stuff to sell tomorrow.  I hope I feel up to packing tomorrow afternoon.  Also, today was my last day of class.  I’m not sad about this at all…..I’ll miss my teacher, but I’m so ready to move on and just do more studying on my own. 

I don’t have much more of anything intelligent or interesting to add….goodnight all.  Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers. =)


4 thoughts on “Our Last Few Weeks”

  1. Those are awesome pictures.  It’s so weird being so far away from you.  I hope your packing is coming together smoothly.  I’m praying for quick healing and lots of energy for these next few days. brrr- it’s cold here!

  2. Wonderful pictures.  THose kids are all just so amazing.  I was wondering what you guys had done for T-day.  So now I know.  I’m praying for you so much in these next couple of days.  HOpe you are feeling better by now.

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