Only 2 Days…..

You all must be praying a lot.  I’m not stressed….I have moments, but overall, I’m feeling pretty good.  This packing is different than all the packing we did before we got here.  This apartment is furnished and has some dishes and cookware, so even though we sold everything we had bought for the kitchen, I can still function with what is here.  What a great blessing!  The kitchen is always such a stressful thing to figure out when having to pack, so again, I’m so thankful we can function.  We sold all the big stuff…ALL of it!  Another blessing from God!  We have 5 out of 17 boxed completely packed and weighed.  Another great blessing is that I’m feeling much, much  better today.  I’m still not 100%, but much better.  Malachi had a fever all day yesterday and Zekey has a really snotty nose and congestion.  Hoping we are all well for the flight. 

We’re still really confused about all our visa stuff, Brian is planning to make a trip to the DC consulate on Tuesday…..pray for all that, for us to figure out exactly what we need and also for Nate’s end of figuring out the paperwork from Argentina.  That is feeling a bit overwhelming right now….and we’re starting to wonder if we’ll really get to AR by the end of January.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all soon!!  Soon…soon…soon!


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