I don’t have any intelligent posts anymore.  =)  I think I lost my brain before we moved to Costa Rica…which was a year ago today.  That makes it sound like we are still there, but of course we aren’t.  Here’s the proof:

  My first time holding Orion.  Zekey was trying to push him off my lap. 

We spent some time in Ohio with Veronica, Summer and Taylor.  It was so much fun and they always make us feel so welcomed and take care of us so well.  The girls were so gracious to play and pretend with the boys and of course read books to them!  Summer was looking forward to reading and snuggling with Elijah and she got her wish!

Brian’s mom, sister, Shirlee and Brian.

We are so thankful for such incredible friends and that it was so comfortable to just talk and be ourselves and not hold anything back.  Brian and I are so privileged to have such long lasting friendships.  We are so thankful Jessi opened her home and the Crabtrees and Manahans drove out to Dayton to see us.  They even got stuck there for a night because of an icy mess left during the day!  Thank you so much guys, we loved hanging out with you.

Story time.

Brian and Nate took the big kids outside to play on the absolutely awesome playground.

Sweet Sarah Jane and Josie.

This just cracks me up….what we were so serious about!  I love how Josie is the only one looking at the camera.

In Cleveland with Brian’s Dad and Ada.

Brian’s brother Joe gave us a wii….the boys love it.  Elijah knocked out several people in boxing during his first try.

Some of the Gornik family stopped by to see us.  Great Aunt Rosie reading to the boys.

Great Uncle David letting Elijah play with his iphone.

Great Aunt Ginny with Zekey.

Elijah laughing with Great Aunt Cis.

Beautiful Summer and Taylor.

The girls in their Argentine jerseys.

Brian and Veronica

Joe and Stephanie

Dinner at a Slovenian restaurant.

Back in MD getting ready for Christmas Eve.  We had a family party at Mom and Tony’s.

My brother, Jason.

Handsome Orion.

Mom and Tony and their 8 grandkids.

And a family photo!

Christmas day  and after is still on the camera…it already took several hours to do this.  I’ll get to the rest soon.  Nana spent a few days with us and loved being with the boys.  We got to spend lots of time with family at Jason and Erika’s too. 

Happy New Year all!


3 thoughts on “Christmas”

  1. Wow, what a lot of family! I’m glad you had some great visits. I love the serious pic of you and Sarah and Jessi. I miss seeing my friends…I’m glad you got some friend time too!

  2. Thanks for sharing so many great pics.  It looks like you guys have been BUSY!  That is a really great family picture at the end.  We’re starting to count the days…

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