My Sweet Boy

Since Monday there has been four doctors visits, an x-ray, and two visits to the pharmacy.  We have lots more doctors visits in the next few weeks, but hopefully they will just be check ups.  All five of us went to the orthopedic doctor this morning while Zekey got his brace and then Brian and Malachi left to go to a doctor’s appointment for Brian.  He had to get a med form filled out to change the address for his CDL license.  So during that visit he found out he has bronchitis too.  The doc prescribed an antibiotic that he got filled at Giant(a grocery store) because they are giving out free antibiotics for the month of January(with a prescription.)  While they were wating in Giant, Malachi told Brian he wanted to buy something.  They started looking around and saw flowers and Malachi told Brian he wanted to buy some flowers for me.  He found something he liked and said these are special because Mama is special.  He gave them to me as soon as he walked in the door with hugs and kisses.  How very sweet of my boy! 

5 thoughts on “My Sweet Boy”

  1. What a little man.  That’s awesome.  Hope the brace works out well for Zekey.  I think that’s what Knox (Brooke’s little guy) had, and she said it didn’t bother him. 

  2. Oh wow! Sorry about the broken bone! I read Deb’s comment and had to go back a couple posts to find out what happened. Knox did just get out of his brace a few weeks ago from the same thing. Is Zeke’s a soft padded brace? Hopefully he’ll get used to it. I hope you are all getting some rest. Such a sweet story about Malachi getting flowers for you…melts your heart, huh? šŸ™‚

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