I Need Some Sleep

Friday:  Drove to Philly
             Saw friends:  happy
             Saw house: sad
Saturday:   Saw more friends: still happy
                 Drove home: sad and exhausted, but happy to sleep in my own bed

Sunday:  Talked with the kid’s sunday school classes:  fun
               Saw Orion’s dedication at church: special

Monday: Drove around to do lots of errands through Annapolis and Baltimore:  exhausted

Tomorrow Brian leaves to go to Philly for a few days to get some things completed with the house.  I’m wondering when we’ll ever get any packing done. 

EDIT:  The house……big sigh…..it wasn’t taken care of by the last tenants.  It needs to be cleaned up and needs new flooring.  Brian hired some neighbors, Mary and Junior, to do the work. It isn’t terrible, but this was my only home, that I made my home and so it was sad to see it so messy.  Please pray we find good tenants to rent it. 

And Zekey is doing well.  The brace doesn’t seem to bother him much at all….he really looks like a linebacker now.  =)

I did get really good rest last night.  I think we will take it easy today and just hang around the house.  Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. 


6 thoughts on “I Need Some Sleep”

  1. So glad you got to go to Philly!  I’m wondering the same thing about the house?  Hope Brian can get done what he needs to while he’s there and praying for rest for you!

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