To Stay Here, To Take With Now, To Come Later

The packing and sorting has had it’s share of stress, but it is less stressful to know that someone, sometime will bring other plastic containers to us.  So I have several of those boxes packed now.  As of yet, I have know idea how many we will be taking with us….I’ve never been good at approximations.  =)  But it will definitely be more than 20…..and of those we are going to have ones marked to go with us on the plane and the ones marked that could possibly be standby, since that did happen to us on the way back from CR, but they all made it on with us.  The airline people just took the first 10 bags and put them on the plane….so this time we’ll have them marked.  There have been many lessons learned through this whole process….and well, we’ll have many more.  I am not skimping on the kid’s books.  I had about three plastic containers of them….I have weeded out a gazillion through the last four years(about 2 other tubs) and passed them onto others.  I’m wishing I wouldn’t have now….oh well.   We’ve also gone though our books, deciding which we plan to read in the next two years and would be good resource books…..and the other 2-3 bins of them will be staying behind until we return.  I love reading and I really miss it…..someday, when I’m old and gray….I’ll read all those books I don’t have the time to read now.  =) 

Right now Brian is listing some things to sell on ebay and craig’s list.  Malachi and Elijah are playing Mario Cart and Zekey is climbing behind the couch.  I need to go take some more advantage of the time of the little ones being somewhat occupied. 


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