A List of Firsts From the Day

1. Took Chi and Zeke to the doctor’s to get shots…..8 shots between the two of them…ouch!
2.  Watched the inauguration with my boys at Jason and Erika’s house. This was the boys first inauguration and an historical one at that.  I like that Chi and Lijah know who our president is by name. (And after seeing all the footage today, it made me really excited to visit DC with them when they get older.  I can’t wait to discover more about our history with them.)
3. Zekey shared toys with Orion today and for the most part wasn’t too jealous when I held him.  He also calls Orion by name now….cuteness!
4. Brian and I now have international driving licenses.
5.  We will be getting another ipod….a new one….because apple doesn’t have replacement batteries for their ipods….you just pay a fee for the battery and get a whole new ipod.  (That is so wasteful!!!)
6.  Tonight we showed the boys the constellation, Orion, but they didn’t want to believe any kind of story of the hunter or what the stars represented or the significance of their cousin’s name. (Uncle Jason and Auntie Erika…you’ll have to talk to them about it.) 
7. Brian and the boys just played Wii(Mario Cart) with Uncle Jason…..we are at our house and he is at his house.  FUN!


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