We are giving it a try……

We are planning to drop off all our visa application papers in DC at the consulate today.  We are still missing one paper from the GBC of AR inviting us to work with them…..that should be at our consulate soon and we can submit all the other paperwork before that comes in…..so away we go.  We still have some questions about somethings because over the phone the consulate says one thing, their website says something else and in person they say something different….so and well…..I’ll let you know how it goes later. 

Well we have to have certain docs translated and some not.  So Brian’s working on that right now…..there’s a translation service close by.  And we found out we don’t have to buy return tickets…..now if only we see the same lady the next time we go in. 
On a good note, we got to drive by the White House.  Okay, drive by is relative…..you haven’t been able to drive by it for years.  We drove on the road between the White House and the Washington Monument and looked on to see the White House….and all the tents and bandstands and port-a-potties.  And then I kept seeing lots of people with Pro-Life signs………we don’t watch the news….so we forgot that the March for Life is going on the next few days.  Brian is a great navigator in the city…I like being in the city when I don’t have to drive and I can just look out the window at all the beautiful buildings and people.  And I get to see it all again in just a few days. 


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