I like being pampered

Tonight before bed time Elijah told me I smelled good and Malachi told me my finger nails and toe nails are beautiful.  Who knew a facial could feel so good and why haven’t I had one before this point in my life?  I had a great, relaxing, pampered day.  I even started reading a book, The Shack.  And Brian surprised me when he picked me up with a car free of kids.  He took this made up girl to dinner and we actually got to talk…you know…talk, something we used to do before we had kids throwing food or utensils or rocking in their seats or screaming my name or just screaming in general….it was a lovely evening.  And tomorrow is back to reality….more packing and details to accomplish.  I feel a little more invigorated in taking on the task, let’s hope that sticks until the morning.  While I was at the spa for 7 hours, Brian took the boys to the DMV to change his address on his license…all three boys went in with him…and the man had no problems at all with them, he also didn’t have to wait.  Brian carried Zeke in the ergo and the other two did great.  He also stopped by the mall to exchange ipods and the boys did great and didn’t want to play on the crowded mall play area….you know those sort of squishy thingy benched off areas where there really isn’t much to play on but somehow kids find a way to play on them and make them fun….and Zeke liked the ergo….awesome.  A great day indeed.


3 thoughts on “I like being pampered”

  1. Tara I am so so happy for you.  What a great day!  So glad you got to talk with  your husband.  It’s nice isn’t it.  I assume the ergo is some sort of child carrying device?

  2. Way to go, Brian!  Both on the kid wrangling and on the surprise dinner out.  Good work.  I’m so glad you got this day, Tara.  I hope it gives you all the energy you need for this week.

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