I can be a very task oriented, get it done person and not focus on my emotions at all during the process….and the emotions are starting to hit me.  I’ve cried several times today.  I think some of it is stress, because I have know idea how we will be totally packed and everything else taken to storage at my mom’s before we leave Thursday…..if we leave Thursday.  I think it is even more stressful that we just don’t know yet.  That is making the emotions come out sooner than usual.  I will never ever get use to all this unsettledness, I despise it.  Maybe it will go away in a few months…and we’ll finally feel settled….and it will be great to be settled too. 

Several things have brought me to tears today….and most of them have been the willingness of others to help us out.  SOOO many people have helped us get to this point….and so many more from the body of believers here at the GBC of Calvert have just really helped us in some incredible ways recently……to name a few….let us live in their house, translate documents, worked on our van so we can sell it, pray for us….really, pray for us, hand us cash, give us food,  do our wills and all that stuff, do our taxes, babysit our kids, and clean this house we are in after we leave…….there’s even more than that, but that’s what I can think of right now.  My eyes fill with tears just thinking about how God has provided for us…the big ways and all the little ways too.  SO some how, if we do leave Thursday, he’ll provide the strength and help to get everything packed in the next 72 hours.  (That last sentence is more of a reminder to me than for you all.)


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  1. Praying for you right now! Very cool that so many people are giving freely to help you in so many ways. I have often been amazed by the capacity of God’s people to bless us in huge, humbling ways!

  2. I’m praying for you so much.  You are right.  God WILL make it possible to get everything done.  And someday you WILL be settled, impossible as that now seems.  Love you guys.

  3. I glad you took the time to write out your feelings.  It’s hard to keep a long term perspective when your gift is seeing the details.  love you and praying for you today.  

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