We are leaving on Thursday……what an adventure.  So we are furiously packing.  I’ll tell you later about our trip to the consulate today….or you can visit our urbanmission.com website.  I think Brian wrote about it.  It is amazing and only God that we are leaving in less than 36 hours. 

EDIT:  It’s 4:35, we are going to pick up the kids, they’ve been at a friend’s house all day today.  Then we are going to go eat dinner at Mom and Tony’s, it is amazing how much you can get done without kids around.  =)
We have five rubbermaid containers packed, weighed, labeled and wrapped w/ plastic wrap.  Hopefully, it will all keep going as smoothly as the last few hours. 

EDIT:  It is 10.25 pm….we were at my mom’s for dinner…an early birthday dinner with yummy seafood.  We came home and got back into packing and my dad came over to help wrap them.  We now have 13 packed, weighed, labeled and wrapped.  Tomorrow my mom is going to watch the boys and I will finish packing and transfer boxes to storage at her house.  Brian will be going back into DC to get our visas…they will be ready at 10:30 am.  Then he’ll get back and take the seats out of the church van and bring that back to the house and we’ll pack that up with our boxes.  So…..it is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We will be leaving this house at 2am on Thursday and catch a flight at 5:40 to Panama and then onto Argentina!  We have some tough goodbyes ahead of us….please keep that in your prayers. Pray for our kids to travel well and for all of us to get some zzzzzz’s on the plane.

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