This Day Did Not Go As Planned

Oh my….what a day, and we are not nearly finished.  We’ll I guess the day will be over soon, but we will still be finishing our packing.  We had a major setback with two trips to DC, but our visas were in our hands 12 hours before our take off time.  We are now down to 3 hours before we drive away from Calvert County.  And because of all the rushing around we haven’t had the kind of goodbyes I was anticipating.  It has been really sad and I can’t let myself cry about it yet.  So…I stop there and ask you all again to pray for all of us to get some sleep on the plane.  We are thankful to be on our way, but I’ve hated the way it has been so rushed. 

It’s final….25 bags…..5 carry-ons….a guitar…..and a stroller.  A few of the bags will be overweight.  My dad and Brian are finishing up the taping and wrapping on the last handful.  We have an hour and a half. 

And just to add some humor, I took one last trip to Wal-Mart today and while I was there I bought a pregnancy test because I am late and I figured I might as well know if I need to bring maternity clothes.  So I took it, it was negative and less than an hour later it started.  One less tote take.  =)


3 thoughts on “This Day Did Not Go As Planned”

  1. First, I AM praying for you guys.  I hope you are sleeping on the plane right now.  We are so excited to see you tonight.  Though, of course, when you read this, it will already have happened.  Whatever.  As for the pregnancy test thing…wow.  For a second my heart stopped in suspense.  Stress can do some crazy things to you, huh? 

  2. Tara, I’ve been praying for you all week and all morning as I think about you on a very long plane ride with 3 active boys. I’m sure you are exhausted in every possible way, but I pray for supernatural strength right now as you travel, and an increased measure of patience with your family through this whole process.  I pray for time for you to adjust and recover from your trip.  You are an amazing person & mom, and I know God is with you.  We are excited for what the future holds for your team in Argentina!!

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