I’ve Missed You!

Ahhhh…can you hear the sound of my big sigh.  Brian bought a mobile broadband device this week,
we are using it through our cell phone.  We still don’t have a telephone pole at our house, but at
least this is some kind of short term solution.  I actually got to read some of your posts and see
some of your kids for the first time in almost 2 months. =) Wow, a lot has happened and I won’t be
doing any kind of long summary.  Some day, I will add pictures of my lovely kids and their important
milestones.  There has been a lot of sickness in our house….over two weeks worth.  Brian started with it
then Chi.  He was out of school for three days, and I sent him back because with a cough because I didn’t
want him to get too used to being at home during his second week of school.  Then Elijah got it and then Zekey.
Elijah and Zekey were bad….really terrible.  They basically sat around and slept for about 4 days.  Wednesday
we visited the ER and got some meds and Elijah had a chest x-ray, thankfully he didn’t have pneumonia, but the
doc was very concerned about him, so we went back on Friday and they are both doing better.  They’ve been using
a nebulizer too,so that seems to be helping a lot.  But seriously, none of my kids have been as sick as
they have beent he last few weeks.  Eljiah and Zeke have both lost some weight and are just now starting
to get their appetites back.  I hope we don’t get sick like this again for a long time. 

Kindergarten has been going okay for Malachi, he had some disobedience issues this last week, but by the end
of the week it had improved.  He was also hitting some kids, I’m thinking a lot of it was a combination of
culture shock and feeling our stress and his own stress of not speaking spanish fluently and also the other guys
were sick and he wasn’t getting asmuch attention.  So Brian has done several special things and spent some extra
time with him…and had some long talks about how to listen at school and treat his classmates.  The last two
days he keeps asking meabout going back, so that’s a good sign.  For one of the weeks, he would cry and cling to
me when I’d drop him off, he also stopped doing that by Friday.  So….hopefully it will all keep going well. 

Malachi and Elijah started soccer school too.  It is a place just a few blocks away.  We have a great business street
2 blocks away.  It has clothing, shoe, and furniture stores, (our favorite)an ice cream shop, fruit and veggie market,
meat market, pasta market, bakery, pharmacy(which thankfully carried the birth control I had been using in CR).  So,
there’s a soccer school too…the boys go 2 days a week for an hour and a half. 

We are still trying to figure out our schedule, the sickness thing really knocked us off course.  we have
a lot of practicing to do with our Spanish.  We have had some really discouraging times with it….but we
keep praying for people to practice with and for God’s Spirit to help us.  

Our place isn’t exactly put together yet, we will soon be inheriting more furniture from the Martin’s…they are a couple
who are retiring from the field and are giving us and the Elleges all of their furniture and house goods.  Really, an
incredible blessing.  So, once I feel settled, I will share our home with you.  =) 

It feels so good to be connected again.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Missed You!”

  1. We missed you too.  So sorry about the sickness and school problems.  Very glad about the things you can use from the Martins.  I love hearing about what your community.  It sounds like you are in a great location.  Thanks for the update, now I can pray more specifically.   

  2. It’s so good to see an update from you!!!  I hope your internet problems quickly disappear and you’ll be able to connect with the outside world again.  Or rather WE get to connect with you.  🙂  What an awful sounding sickness.  I hope it’s well behind you now and healthy kiddos will be in the future!

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