Tomorrow is a red day

Malachi informed us that tomorrow is a red day on the calendar in his class….this morning.we just so happened to have a team meeting to worship together and were able to ask the other missionaries if in fact tomorrow is a holiday….and of course it is.  So, there is no school tomorrow!  There isn’t a school calendar or anything like that, so we’ll just keep relying on Malachi’s keen observational skills.

We are in the homestretch…..I’m up to Romans and am hoping to finish tomorrow.  It’s been good and exhausting and difficult, but mostly really great to get to do something like this.  I don’t think if our lives were in any other circumstances that we’d have the chance to do this.  And as we finish the reading….we will begin the party extravaganza……Em Zeke, Baseball, Malachi, and Easter…..that’s almost more parties than one week can hold. 

Off to read and I hope to post some pictures soon.  My kids have grown several inches since the last time I’ve posted pictures….just wait, you’ll be amazed.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow is a red day”

  1. Today was blue day.  Wrigley wore all blue things.  Even her eyes – she told people.  I am so glad you get to read so much.  I pray God makes connections for you.  

  2. It’s wonderful to hear from you.  So glad you guys are able to read.  Can’t wait for pictures, and I’m looking forward to party week.  That’s a lot of parties.  Thank goodness for observant oldest children.

  3. school calendars would make everything too easy. it’s like a game this way! Today is Dia de las Malvinas, in case you were wondering. If you haven’t already, you might want to get a regular calendar down there to see the major holidays. then you will know that those for sure, plus some added extras, will be red days. the thought of a whole month going by and no days off is simply preposterous.

  4. I have been a crappy commenter lately but I think it is so cool how you girls are all reading through the Bible. I am praying for you all. Also, it is totally cracking me up that you have to rely on Chi to know his school schedule 🙂 It sounds like he is doinf great with it though! 🙂

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