My Baby is Two!

Zekey is such a fun kid.  He’s been in his big kid bed for a few weeks now. He loves to climb up his brother’s bunk bed.  He also knows how to bug his brothers, like standing in front of the tv if they are playing a video game, or messing up their line up of cars.  He also loves singing right now…and his songs are usually about Chi-Chi and Lijah.  Whenever he’s telling you something and really wants to make sure you understand, he shakes his head up and down and says the same word over and over again until you give him some semblance of understanding.  Sometimes we can understand the words and sometimes we can’t…..and it’s so sad when we can’t, because he’s so daggone cute trying to get us to understand him.  The kid LOVES to color, he asks me to color 3 or 4 times a day….and he only wants to color with markers. 

Pictures will come sometime this week of his doggie birthday party.


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