I have THAT two year old……

who dumps powdered laundry detergent all over the floor
who unrolls and tears a apart the paper towels
who tears apart his diaper and rips out the inside and leaves a trail around the house
(those all happened within an hour tonight)
who pushes folded laundry on the floor
who unscrews and dumps out the handsoap
who unscrews and dumps out lanudry stain remover spray
who squirms and wiggles and is impossible to change a diaper
who doesn’t want to be carried or hold hands when walking down the street
who rips books
who breaks DVDs
who unrolls and tears up the toilet paper
who sticks his hands in the toilet
who grabs anything off the counter
who helps himself to any food on the counter
who frequently inspects what’s in the trashcan
who dumps out and plays with any kind of condiment left on the table
who free falls onto the bean bag chairs
who climbs EVERYTHING
who says “Hola”  with a charming smile to the other parents at escuela de futbol who have cookies or crackers in hopes of receiving some
who head butts at any given moment
who bites his brothers when he is frustrated
who knocks over his brothers’ buildings of blocks
who messes up his brothers’ line of cars
who is called “The Earthquake” by his brothers.

But we love him all the same.  He is quite charming too.  =)  But I’ll just let this post be what it is.   


7 thoughts on “I have THAT two year old……”

  1. Somehow the most ornery ones tend to be the most charming…..maybe God does that on purpose so those children live to see another day.   I love his nickname, Earthquake, sounds like a comic book character, like the Hulk. so cute

  2. Zekey sounds alot like Elisha….maybe it’s a third child thing : )   I haven’t been on here in forever and just caught up on your last post too…is Malachi getting his tonsils out?   That was really interesting about symptoms…I never knew those things either, our boys tonsils are HUGE too and I think they’ll end up getting them out sooner or later.   Even though I haven’t done a great job of keeping up on here, I’m praying for you guys lots and lots!

  3. I guess the “terrible twos” isn’t an urban myth.  From one mom-of-three to another…it is exhausting.  Josie’s about to start crawling and I am excited…but dreading it.  It will mean chasing and watching more closely…gates up that I will then have to help Theo over, shutting the bathroom door and picking up the food that’s under the table.  Wish I could give you a hug.

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