My Little Herbivore

Yesterday I took Elijah with me when Jil and I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.(Yeah, it really is so great to have one. I even found some Peanut Butter yesterday….made in AR….it’s a new product!)  He picked out several things he wanted me to buy….you know the sweet stuff like jello and pudding and yogurt.  And he even insisted that I buy fresh Spinach pasta.  When we got to the produce he wanted every fruit he saw.  He helped fill bags full. When I got home and unpacked I had somehow picked up an acorn squash.  I thought it was Jil’s….but oh no, Elijah just so happened to add that to our cart.  Tonight I made salad and decided to try it on all three boys(they haven’t exactly been fans in the past….although Elijah did chow down in some spinach salad at Christmas).  So Malachi did eat his lettuce…without dressing of course.  He’s a no condiments kind of kid.  Elijah asked for seconds on the salad.  He has such an appetite for fruits and veggies…..he asks me all the time for fruit during the day.  (Zeke does too…but he’s always been the incredible eater of really good food.). 

Another cute story of the herbivore that I just keep forgetting to write down:
Over Christmas we were about to read a book and I asked what the author does and Elijah says,”He draws the words.”  What does the illustrator do? “He writes the pictures.” 

EDIT:  The boys were just cleaning up the toys and Elijah was slowly taking his time cleaning but was singing, “And I’m so happy, so very happy. I’ve got the love of Jesus is my heart.” And Brian says, “I don’t think I can reprimand him for cleaning so slowly when he’s singing a praise song.”


3 thoughts on “My Little Herbivore”

  1. I hope Orion will be such a good eater. We’re following your lead so fingers crossed. Loved hearing fun stories about Lijah. Of course I hope we get to see pictures soon!! I bet we’ll hardly recognize them!

  2. I love these stories. It is so great that you’ll have this record of such cute sayings… Mckenna is such a carnivore, I keep thinking she would do great in AR, but I guess you have great fruit and veggies, too, so I’m glad your guy is all set 🙂

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