Camp Songs

I’ve been strolling down memory lane while singing to my boys before bedtime.  All those fun camp songs I knew so well 15 years ago have taken a few days and weeks to return….but I’m remembering and my boys are now singing them. 

Zekey’s titles for these songs:
“Hallelujah” aka Praise Ye the Lord
“Gush” aka I’ve Got a River of Life
“Joy, Joy, Joy” aka What is the title to that song?  I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart….where (you know which one I mean)
“Babble” aka The B-I-B-L-E
“Bop” aka Jesus is the Rock and He rolls my blues away (title?)
“Build–Rock”  aka Don’t Build Your House on the Sandy Land. (title?)
“Bushel-Peck” aka Bushel and a Peck (not a camp song….but one from a musical I was in during high school)

As we were all sitting down at the table for dinner tonight…Zekey pulled my chair out for me to sit.  Seriously cute. 
While eating dinner Brian was asking the boys about the ice cream cones they had eaten earlier(Brian and the boys and Nate and Ellie and Scott went to get ice cream and play at a park and I visited Deb, Kathy and baby Lucy.)
Zekey looks at me and says,”Had Chocolate.” 
 Me: “Oh, you had a chocolate cone.”
Zeke:  “Yes.”
Me: “Was it yummy?”
Zeke: “Yes, best chocolate.”
Of course he was shaking his head up and down as he answered.  It’s as if he was filling me in on what I missed from the time we were away from each other.  He’s so cute.
Tonight while sitting at the computer, chatting with my brother on facebook, Zekey was sitting on my lap and was saying, “Hi Zekey!” to his shadow on the wall over and over and over again.  He cracks me up….then he pushed the off button on the computer.  Yeah, he is THAT two year old! 


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