Ointments and Drops

We are one big contagious family.   Tonight before bed we’ve put drops in eyes for pink eye, rubbed on ointment for ringworm, given ibuprofen for throat pain and swollen glands, rubbed on vapor rub for coughs, spayed saline up noses for stuffiness and given breathing treatments. 

Malachi had an appointment with the ENT a few days ago.  It went well and the doctor said there are four degrees to describe how big tonsils can get and Chi’s are at the degree of four…meaning they touch each other and his uvula.  His adenoids are also too big.  The doctor mentioned how Chi has a bifid uvula(forked) and then checked to make sure he didn’t have a submucous cleft palate….which this doc said he didn’t….he could feel all the bone.  He needs his tonsils out, and now we need to figure out where to take him.  This ENT was at a public hospital, we want a private and we may go to BA to get his tonsils out…of course, we have to figure all that out still.  But, I got home and was very curious about all this uvula stuff and as I started reading and searching and reading and searching……..a bifid uvula is a birth defect and when Malachi was checked out by a pediatrician when he was like a month old in Philly, she mentioned something about a dimple he had on his bottom….but said everything seemed normal, so not to worry about it.  So as I was researching the other day, I remembered that dimple that I haven’t thought about in five years and came across that he has spina bifida occulta(another birth defect…..but could never ever cause anyone who has it any problems ever)….so I started researching other midline issues of the body(things that didn’t properly develop together in utero)….the heart, spine, brain ect……It was all so very interesting.  As far as I know, he has no other issues, but just leaves an open door for future doc visits to really do an extra check on his heart and back.   How would I have ever done any of that research 15 years ago.  I would have had to just trust what the Spanish doctor told me.  I didn’t even know what the English word was to describe the forkedness…..but quickly found it online.  =) 

On the house front, we stained 6 pieces of  pine furniture on Sunday and Monday and we are getting some more pieces delivered tomorrow…..once they are stained….everything will be completely out of boxes and off the floor….and ORGANIZED!  If you were inside my head you would hear me singing the Hallelujah chorus.

A cute little story, while coloring with Elijah and Zekey the other day, Elijah took a break from coloring furiously and said, “My hand is out of breath.”


4 thoughts on “Ointments and Drops”

  1. Cute comment about his hand being out of breath…how adorable! Sorry for all the sicknesses. Praying for wisdom as you plan for tonsil/adenoid surgery. Sorry he has to go through that! 😦

  2. Sorry for all the sickness.  Wrigley’s friend Abby just had her adenoids removed.  So far the recovery has been super easy.  I will be praying for you as you figure all that out.  Is the pine furniture shelving? 

  3. @crabtrees  The furniture is a little bit of everything….bookshelf, tv stand, toy box, table for boys, cabinets for boys clothes, armoire for our clothes….etc.  Sometime soon Brian is taking our computer to the E’s to download pictures….our interent is terrible.  I really miss putting pictures on my blog.  =)

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