Yesterday was his 4th birthday.  He wanted a Thomas the Tank Engine cake….even though he had one last year.  =)  My mom graciously sent some party things of Thomas, he’s not too popular here.  Elijah got a bike for his birthday, he’s so thrilled about it.  He’s also excited for when he’ll be big enough to only have two wheels and not four.  He’s a fun and fiesty little guy.  He’s speaking with more clarity these days and really comes out with some hilarious things.  Tonight he sang a song to baby Lucy……”You don’t have any teeth now, but when you grow up and have teeth….you will bite me.” (He thinks all kids younger than him bite…..you know…because that is what his baby brother does.)  He loves all sports and loves watching basketball videos and practicing dribbling and passing and throwing the ball over his back.  =)  He also loves playing soccer and has really gotten better at controlling the ball when running with it.  He still loves to snuggle and most nights settles into bed next to me(good thing we accidently bought a king size bed.) And he just came into my room and told me, “I just want to say stuff to Zekey and Malachi, but they are sleeping.  I just wanted to come in here with you.”  He’s our night owl…..it is after 10pm!   He’s not a morning person….but every morning if Chi isn’t up yet, he always asks, “Where’s Malachi?”  He loves playing with his big brother…..most days.  =)  I hope and pray my boys are great friends as they grow.  Elijah and Zekey have moments of fun-filled, argument-free play….but we are working on that.  =)  He is a fun little guy and has an incredible smile that lights up a room. 


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