Surprises…lots of surprises

#1 Surprise   On Wednesday we found out the kids wouldn’t have school for two weeks because of the swine flu and then the last  two weeks of July are winter break here….so a WHOLE MONTH off.  Then Nate took the kids to school on Thursday and there was no school.  Deb had talked to the director on the phone on Wed. and she said July 6th was the day the two week swine flu break began…….yeah, crazy.  All schools are out for the month….I guess.  We’ll see if that really happens, we don’t quite know how we’ll find out.  Although I might be able to ask the lady who goes to the church we’ve been going to who has a son in Malachi’s class:  surprise number 2. 

Malachi had a little play at his school a few weeks ago, it was disastrous and took me a full day to recover.  It was for flag day and Malachi had to be a soldier…..we forgot his bookbag that morning and he refused to go into his classroom and then refused to wear his costume.  I also missed the memo about the boys wearing all blue.  During the play I saw the lady and little boy who we see at church.  I wasn’t able to talk to her at the school and have yet to seen her at church since then…..but hope to talk with her the next time I do see her.

Surprise #3  There will be no church for the next two weeks……again, thank you swine flu.  Escuela de futbol is also cancelled the next two weeks and also the following two for winter break.  So, no fun activitiy for the boys for the next month.  What are we going to do???????  Not only that, these were places for us to be around more Spanish….listening and speaking!!!!!!!!!!!

Surprise #4 The discovery that Malachi is doing awesome adjusting to life here.  He’s becoming much more friendlier with speaking with people…..he would always talk to anyone and everyone before we did all this crazy moving around.  I took Chi and Lijah with me to the pharmacy the other day and Chi started speaking to the lady behind the counter.  It was so sweet and his conjugation of the verb was wrong….but he felt comfortable talking to this lady.  It made me so happy and proud of him to be the little friendly person that God made him to be… be coming back to that little person.  During the last 7 or 8 months he had become incredibly shy and just not as interested in getting to know new people he met…..a lot of that being the language barrier and being in three different countries.  He’s awesome and continues to amaze us with his Spanish and he always corrects me on my pronunciation…….which as of yet has been helpful and not at all annoying. 

Surprise #5 I started researching schools for Malachi to go to next year.  Trying to find something that is affordable, non-catholic, close by and has a kinder(preschool) with it so all of our kids can be in the same building and not all day has been a challenge.  I have a list of about six schools that I found on-line and now we need to go visit them to find out the details….some of them I don’t know for sure that they aren’t catholic.  I found one really awesome one, but it is for 8 hours a day. Most schools are for 4 or maybe 5 hours…….I was really sad that it is so many hours.  But, this whole school out for a month has put a damper on it all.  I guess we’ll still see where they are at and if anyone is in the offices who could gives us information. 

Surprise #6 I was called “carne de Argentina” by one of Brian’s Argentine friends when we walked by his bike shop the other day..  It seems he’s sarcastic and rude to most people he’s around. 

Surprise #7  Who knew having two college aged girls around for 7 weeks could be so awesome.  Christa and Rebekah have been such a blessing to have around.  They’ve watched our kids for us several times so Brian and I could go out for some much needed couple time.  They’ve been so flexible and willing to help with whatever our team needs. Oh yeah, and the adults even had a game night a few weeks ago…..without kids.  =) 

Surprise #8   Our 4th of July celebration was soooo delicious.  Grilled Hamburgers and Hot Dogs are so very yummy.  And the kids had fun too…..check out some pictures.

Surprise #9  We will be starting English School with the four oldest kids this week.  And now my regret begins of ALL the teaching stuff I gave away.  Which was basically all of it.  But the internet is awesome and has a ton of great resources for FREE. 

Surprise #10  I forgot how good is feels to exercise.  I’ve been doing pilates all week.  I ordered some DVDs for the next visitor to bring down….because doing pilates over and over again is boring.  So I excitedly ordered a NYC Ballet Conditioning DVD and a 4 Disc Zumba workout.  I am SO excited to get these.  All the exercising has totally helped me in my emotionally down days too.  And life has finally felt more stable to carve time out of each day to exercise.  I was also so surprised that I could do the pilates……you know like 15 years ago when I danced the pilates type workout is what we did for jazz classes.  It was incredibly easy for me then.  I tried the pilates stuff after I had Zekey…..and I had tailbone issues and couldn’t do any of it and well, your stomach muscles are as good as mush after a baby.  That is when I took up running, which was never a favorite, but was enjoyable at the time.  So……after so successfully doing pilates this week and realizing I don’t have baby mush muscles anymore(yeah, I know and he’s 2….that’s a long time.) I CAN’T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT FOR THESE NEW DVDs!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Surprises…lots of surprises”

  1. Wow! This is an awesome blog!! Thank you!! A whole month of no class or futbol!? Oh wow… Good luck with the English school classes. I bet the kids will enjoy learning what all of you teach to them. Zumba is so much fun! I’m excited for you and your new DVD’s. Let me know what you think of the ballet training one. I’m always looking for new workout ideas. Lots to pray for from this post. Love you guys!!

  2. Yay, so fun to read your update!!  I’ll definitely be praying for wisdom & God’s direction in finding a school for the boys…big decisions as it is, let alone in another country.   So glad you are enjoying exercising again…brings me back to the days of walking the track at Edison : )   Hope you all enjoy the time off of school together & find opportunities to keep practicing Spanish!

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