My long lost friend…..

I can’t believe I ever walked away, but my body and soul is so thrilled to have ballet back.  It’s not that I’m some incredible dancer (just wanted to make that clear),  but it was such a huge part of my life that I basically walked away from it because I decided to go to a Christian Liberal Arts college that for some reason didn’t have a dance program.  I scoured college brochures my senior year of high school looking for a Christian college with a dance program….and I did find one, Sterling College, but the pull to go to Grace was so much greater.  Most of my dancing friends stuck close to home and went to state colleges in MD and either majored in dance or at least took classes.  I wanted to go to a small Christian college….away from home…..and dance became the thing I gave up.  I’ve missed it… did reappear here and there in my adult years.  My first year of marriage, I taught 5 or 6 classes at a little studio in Indiana.  When I moved back to MD, my mom and I took a tap class together at the studio I took from as a girl.  When I was at Urban Hope  one summer I did a dance camp as one of the options of our summer camps.  My body has lost a lot of flexibility and my stomach and back muscles have lost a lot of strength.  I’ve done the workout DVDs a few times now and it is so challenging and incredible.  I’m standing up taller, not slouching as much and just feel so happy to get my friend back.  It is incredible how worshipful it is too.  SO…Mom…thank you for all the hours spent driving me to classes and competitions and making costumes and hours spent watching practices and rehearsals.  Thank you. 


10 thoughts on “My long lost friend…..”

  1. Awesome! I’m so glad you shared this. I can feel your fulfillment and excitement while reading! I feel the same way about singing lately…I missed it so much for a few years!

  2. What a wonderful post.  And I agree with Christa on wanting to thank you for going to Grace.  🙂  I have memories of you dancing to Michael Jackson’s “black and white”.  hehe.  

  3. Tara, I enjoyed reading your last two posts.  So glad that you are dancing again.  Thank you for telling us all the surprises.  wow…four weeks off.  (sorry this is a short comment..heading to bed)

  4. Your blog made me cry. It was a privledge to share your dance life with you. I counted it an honor to make costumes and share rehersals and dance class. I’m so happy you found your old friend. If my body could take it I would take dance again, but I guess those days are over for me. I can appreciate it though with “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With The Stars” and Musicals. I actualy thought of you at Disney as we watched some of the dancing shows..I love you so much and am so happy your are connected with dance again.

  5. @ Peteandheather    The ballet work out  DVD is called New York CIty Ballet the complete Workout.  I bought it on Amazon, there are two discs.  It is crazy challenging, but very satisfying.  

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