Things I like best…..

 I need to focus on some positive things…..

1. Gerbera Daisies
2. Homemade warm yummies:  cookies, muffins, scones
3.  Ice Cream
4. Fall Leaves…..playing in them and crunching them with my shoes
5. Beautiful Green leaves on trees during the summer and watching my boys climb them
6.  Listening to the boys happily playing and sharing together
7. Seeing the grandness of any of God’s creation in person….waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes, flowers, canyons, bugs, deserts
8. Watching ballet or any form of ballet….lyrical or modern……..especially when it causes me to worship God for how amazing he made our bodies
9. Barefeet on luscious green grass
10.  Looking at anyone’s baby and childhood pictures
11. Snuggling on the couch with my boys
12. Hearing my boys pray and sing and praise God
13. Watching my boys discover a new-found skill
14. Snuggling on the couch with Brian…watching a good movie and sharing a yummy dessert
15. All five of us doing anything together
16. Laughing
17. Reminiscing with friends about high school or college
18. Playing at the beach with Brian and the boys
19. Snuggling with blankets and pillows to read a good book
20. Scrapbooking or being creative making jewelry or anything………
21. Discovering a new facet of who God is
22. Bike rides at my Nana and Pop-pop’s
23.  Hanging out at the table after a meal and chatting with family or friends
24. Iced or Hot Coffee
25. Sunny Days at the Park with my family
26. Playing frisbee with Brian
27. Finding really good deals at stores, at yard sales or ebay or consignment shops
28. A hot shower everyday
29. Making crafty things as gifts for friends or family
30. Taking photos of people or nature or unique architecture…anything of unique design
31. Spontaneous kisses and hugs from my boys….Brian too
32. Foot rubs and back rubs
33. Encouraging others
34. Fun, comfortable shoes…that are practical and go with almost everything
35. Seeing my boys laugh and smile….Brian too
36. Watching Brian play and wrestle with the boys
37. Organization
38. Seeing someone choose to follow God and seeing God change their life
39. Learning from all of you…how to be a better parent
40.  Fresh Fruit….strawberries, apples, pineapple, mangoes, blueberries…any berry, oranges…anything
41. Any food with fresh basil or fresh cilantro
42. Walking anywhere hand in hand with Brian
43.  Discovery a new place with Brian…a new city, a new hiking trail, a new beach, a new park….anything
44. Having time to sit and think, and be alone and write…blogging or in a journal
45.. Praising God for all of who He is and all He has done


5 thoughts on “Things I like best…..”

  1. hmm…While smiling at this list, my heart wonders what hard thing you are going through.  Can I do #17 with you? Remember the dance you arranged for homecoming one year?  I was in it and I really enjoyed working with you.  Remember Christa and I spending half of spring break with you and going into DC. I think you cut my hair there.  good times.  Remember when we tricked Stacy Chupp into thinking you were engaged.  Did #16 just happen?  I love you friend.  

  2. I also wonder what is going on with you. My heart goes out to you. What a great thing to think of positive things. May God lift you up today. I love you and send you hugs and kisses. Love Mom.

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