What a Day!

Amazing….everything worked out today.  Can’t say that for most days and honestly, I’ve resigned myself to thinking most days that things won’t work out the way I expect them too. 

This morning I took Malachi to a clinic get blood drawn to prepare for surgery and later Brian took him to the hospital for an EKG, also for the surgery.  All went well with that.  Then Jil, Deb and I headed to the school God brought to us…..a school where all four of our kids will be going and at the SAME time starting next March.  It’s called Colegio del Sol.  It is very close to us and is not in the center of the city….which takes more time to get to, that’s where Ellie and Chi go now.  It even has a huge fenced in yard/field with trees….it is so beautiful.  We are all very pleased and thankful for this.

Then Brian and I and the boys headed to our first Argentine birthday party.  It was for the son of a guy who’s been practicing spanish with Brian.  It was so fun and we met so many people who treated us like family even though I made a gazillion language mistakes, I didn’t at all feel like an idiot.  Any of you who’ve learned another language know how easy it is to feel that way and how comforting it is to find people who accept you even when you sound like an idiot! 

Today was such a full day…but just really awesome.  Tomorrow we leave for two days for a conference with other Argentine church planters and leaders in the Argentine GBC.  It will be great, great practice for Spanish and awesome to fellowship with other believers.


5 thoughts on “What a Day!”

  1. So glad to hear about the school.  It is so wonderful the kids can be together.  Also glad that you got to hang out with growing friends.  For whatever reason, I start each day thinking it can all go perfectly.  So when it doesn’t (which is all the time) I’m frustrated about it.  hmm…

  2. @crabtrees – yes, that is usually my thinking…the going perfectly and that is why I get so frustrated and down about it.  That’s why I’ve resigned myself to this thinking…even though it seems so negative and depressing……it can pretty much only end up positive.  =)  And I doubt this thinking will remain with me that long….because I really try not to be negative.  

  3. Such great news about the surgery and the school! I totally understand the blessing of being accepted even when you sound like a preschooler (a humbling thing–so grateful for sweet people).

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