Hoping the snoring and loud breathing disappears tomorrow……

Tomorrow at 2pm our time is Chi’s surgery.  Hopefully all goes well with the other two as they visit with the D’s and E’s……Elijah has been sick the last few days.  And Zekey prefers mama to anyone else.  Malachi is staying overnight and I’ll be staying with him.  Brian will return for us on Tuesday morning.  The fridge is stocked with yogurt and jello and applesauce and I even found some popsicles.  I have some potatoes and veggies to mash up and some packets of soup…even some ramen noodles.  I bought some little dollar store type gifts for him…..one for him to open each day for the next 10 days.  That’s something my mom does for people when they are in the hospital or sick….she calls it a sunshine basket and writes a Bible verse to go on each gift.  SO…your legacy lives on mom.  =)


5 thoughts on “Hoping the snoring and loud breathing disappears tomorrow……”

  1. Praying right now…I think Chi should be in surgery.  I’m sure he’ll love the little gifts…that’s a great idea!   Let us know how it went when you get a chance : )

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