The snorts, snuffles, gruffs and puffs are all gone

We’re home after a really long and confusing morning figuring how to pay everyone and where we were supposed to go and then we walked out without turning in a discharge paper because we would have had to wait another hour or so for it to be collected.  Malachi is doing well……he’s on pain meds and antibiotics and is eating soft stuff and drinking… blood and no vomit as of yet.  His tonsils were huge the doctor recounted to us, which was already confirmed to us by the sound of a 50 year old man snoring in his bed at night.  Last night there was no snoring and today there is no heavy breathing and his voice is even a bit higher.  He did have a lot of liquid in his right ear, so he’s got a tube now.  I’m sure he can hear much better now too.  The rest of the crew is a little tattered.  Brian injured his neck and back playing soccer at the church-planters retreat….he’s still in a lot of pain.  Elijah and Zekey are both congested and runny and I’m also full of nasal congestion and coughs and sneezes.  So there’s been a lot of cuddles and tv time today.  I’m just realizing how difficult it may be to keep Malachi from being wrestled and also keeping him from running and jumping…..he jumped off a chair two times today.  Thank you for all your prayers for out little guy.  =)

5 thoughts on “The snorts, snuffles, gruffs and puffs are all gone”

  1. I’m so glad the doctors were able to remove the tonsils without any complications and that it all went smoothly.  I’m sorry that everyone else is feeling bad at home, too.  I hope that the next few weeks are nice and boring for you guys.  

  2. So glad the surgery & recovery has gone well so far!   Isn’t it great to see almost instant results after the surgery?  Hope you all are on the mend and feeling better soon!!  We’ll keep praying : )

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