The sun will come out tomorrow……maybe

We’re hoping things go back to normal soon….it is almost in sight.  Chi is doing well and has started eating normal foods and is going back to school tomorrow.  I am still fighting a crazy sinus infection, it’s been really painful today.  I think I’m finally resorting to getting an antibiotic.  The flu hit Brian and I really bad last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then I’ve had that sinus infection too.  Zeke and Lijah have had coughs and a case of the greenie goopies too.  Lijah seems fine, Zeke is still fighting it.  But in really good news,  Zekey has gone pee-pee on the potty 4 times today.  I had considered starting to potty train him last week since I’d be home with Chi so much…but there was too much sickness.  So, I think we are on our way to starting.  He always tells me when he is poopy and even when his diaper is really wet.  When I’ve sat him on the potty today, he’s made himself go, even if is is just a little bit.  If this really happens……wow, that would be great.  His little bottom looks sooooo adorable in undies!!!! 

And in other news…..maybe, just maybe….tomorrow we’ll have good internet and phone.  The phone we waited for for six months…..we still couldn’t call out on, only people could call into us.  So, we are now waiting for the other more expensive option to visit our place and hook us up, now if only it would stop raining.  Looks like our day off won’t be tomorrow and for the third day we’ll be waiting for them to come.  They have to get up on our upstairs neighbor’s roof to hook it all up and it can’t be wet.  I really need a day off, which includes fabulous family fun and out of our place, I have a bit of cabin fever. 


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