My Boys

Elijah just asked me if there were any libraries here that we could visit.  So sweet, but I think he’d be very disappointed by them since the ones we’ve visited in the states and in CR were pretty extraordinary.
Last night after Elijah had eaten all his dinner and his two cookies he asked me for more raw broccoli.  My little herbivore.

Zeke is no longer a baby….counting in English and Spanish and saying the ABC’s and wearing underwear.  Where did my baby go?  (He’s by no means potty trained….but we are actively working on it!)

Malachi is back to school today.  He was very excited and to unconsciously prepare himself he played with Zekey speaking all in Spanish for about a half hour last night.  Chi’s voice is still higher and clearer….and sometimes it reminds me of the voice of my niece Ashlee when she was his age.  You know how voices just stick in your memory forever…..and there are times I hear Malachi speak that remind me of her.  Crazy!


2 thoughts on “My Boys”

  1. I hope the sun did come out today and that you had some fabulous family time.  Thank you for the “picture” of each of your little men.  (I also love little boy bottoms in undies.)  I wish I could give you a hug…I sometimes feel like life keeps getting bigger and scarier even though I’m getting older.  

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