I can’t believe how easy this has been.  It really is a gift from God.  Things have just been so tough for me emotionally and this has not at all been a hassle or a worry.  This kid had one day with lots of pee-pee and poopy messes.   The morning of day 2 his diaper was dry in the morning.  Yesterday he went the tiniest bit of pee pee in a diaper….we were gone from 9am until 2pm and he napped until 4pm.  He peed and pooped in the potty the rest of the night.  He was dry again this morning and has gone to the bathroom with out any messes.  Remarkable!  I’m so thankful, I didn’t have a plan… just so happened that we started this last Friday and it was because he was ready.  SO I’m thankful…..thankful because I didn’t even pray about any of this……just thankful.  It really is such a blessing…..because any little stress has been a really BIG stress to me recently.  A huge, unexpected blessing!


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